PSC Repeated Questions on Kumaranasan

Repeated PSC Questions Kumaranasan
This post lists some of the previous years' repeatedly asked PSC questions on the biography of Kerala Renaissance Poet, 'N. Kumaranasan.'

Previous Year PSC Questions onKumaranasan

Basic Facts

  • Who was known as "Navodthanthinte Kavi"? Kumaranasan.(Previous Year PSC Questions: Specialist Manasika 2018)
  • Who called Kumaranasan "Viplavathinte Sukra Nakshtram"? Joseph Mundassery. (Previous Year PSC Questions: Assistant Grade-II - Kerala Forest Development Corporation Ltd, 2016, Draftsman Grade-II / Second Grade Overseer- Electrical – PWD/Irrigation, 2016, Laboratory Technical Assistant – Banking Assistance – VHSE, 2015)
  • Who undertook a studentship in poetry under Manamboor Govindan Asan? Kumaranasan.(Previous Year PSC Questions: Rehabilitation Technician Gr-II 2018)
  • Which Malayalam poet was honored by the British prince in 1922? Kumaranasan.(Previous Year PSC Questions: Computer Assistant Grade II-Universities, 2016)
  • Which great poet of Kerala set up a tile factory in Aluva? Kumaranasan.(Previous Year PSC Questions: Schedule Caste Development Officer Grade I, 2014)
  • The first Malayalam poet who appeared in postal stamps – Kumaranasan.(Previous Year PSC Questions: Junior Instructor Mechanic Diesel 2018)
  • In which year did Kumaranasan passed away? 1924(Previous Year PSC Questions: Degree Prelims Stage 1 2024)
  • Name of the boat which caused the demise of Sri Kumaranasan – Redeemer. (Previous Year PSC Questions: Assistant Professor in Infectious Diseases 2018)
  • Which of the following needs to be corrected regarding the Redeemer Boat that sank in the Pallana Water on the 17th of January 1924? (Previous Year PSC Questions: Full Time Junior Language Teacher Sanskrit 2024)
  • (A) The boat tragedy was enquired by a committee headed by P. K. Mathew, Judge of Travancore High Court
  • (B) Travancore and Cochin Boat Service owned the Redeemer
  • (C) The boat tragedy carried out the life of poet Kumaranasan along with 23 other persons
  • (D) The boat that was travelled from Kollam to Alappuzha
  • കുമാരനാശാൻ സ്മാരകം സ്ഥിതിചെയ്യുന്നത് എവിടെ – തോന്നയ്ക്കൽ. ( Previous Year PSC Questions: Security Guard- Government Secretariat 2018)
  • Kumaranasan National Institute of culture at Thonnakkal was founded in the year – 1958.(Previous Year PSC Questions: Junior Instructor 2018)
  • Consider the following statements and find out which one is Not true? (Previous Year PSC Questions: Non Vocational Teacher (Junior) History, 2023)
    • (A) Kumaran Asan, though had no Mahakavya, but known as Mahakavi due to his small lyrical poem Veenapoovu.
    • (B) Veenapoovu was published in 1910.
    • (C) Kumaran Asan started his poetic exercises with devotional songs.
    • (D) Kumaran Asan's poetry depicts three stages of life namely life, death and resurrection.


  • സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യം തന്നെ ജീവിതം സ്വാതന്ത്ര്യം തന്നെ അമൃതം - ഈ വരികൾ ആരുടേത്? കുമാരനാശാൻ (Previous Year PSC Questions: LGS 2017)


  • Who was the First General Secretary of SNDP? Kumaranasan.   (Previous Year PSC Questions: Women Police Constable, 2015)
    • Who was the first secretary of SNDP? Kumaranasan. (Previous Year PSC Questions: Motor Mechanic Store Assistant Ground Water, 2015
  • Who published Vivekodayam? Kumaranasan. Previous Year PSC Questions: Electrician/Pump Operator, Revenue, 2015)
    • Vivekodayam magazine was published by – Kumaran Asan(Previous Year PSC Questions: Caretaker (Male), Social Justice, 2018)
    • വിവേകോദയം മാസികയുടെ സ്ഥാപകൻ – കുമാരനാശാൻ.  (Previous Year PSC Questions: LDC Prelims (Tamil & Malayalam Knowing), 2023)    
  • Who translated the dialogue between Tagore and Narayana Guru into Malayalam during Tagore’s visit to Sivagiri? Kumaran Asan. Previous Year PSC Questions: Pharmacist Grade II, Health Services, 2016)

Books & Poems

  • The only poet in Malayalam who became Mahakavi without writing a Mahakavyam – Kumaran Asan.  (Previous Year PSC Questions: Staff Nurse Grade II- Medical Education, 2014)
  • The poem ‘Veena Poovu’ was written by – Kumaran Asan(Previous Year PSC Questions: Junior Language Teacher Hindi 2018)
    • Veenapoovu is written by – Kumaran Asan(Previous Year PSC Questions: Mechanic Grade ll 2017)
    • Who was the author of ‘Veena Poovu’ – Kumaran Asan.  (Previous Year PSC Questions: Vocational Instructor in maintenance and Repairs of Automobiles 2018)
    • Who wrote the poem, "Veenapoovu" – Kumaran Asan(Previous Year PSC Questions: Junior Health Inspector 2018)
  • Kumaran Asan's poem Veenapoovu was first published in – Mithavadi. (Previous Year PSC Questions: Assistant Crane Driver Electrical 2018)
    • Kumaran Asan's Veena Poovu was published for the first time in – Mithavadi.(Previous Year PSC Questions: Lecturer in Microbiology 2018)
    • Mahakavi Kumaran Asan’s famous poem Veenapoovu was first published in – Mithavadi. (Previous Year PSC Questions: HSST Political Science, 2015)
    • Veenapoovu of Kumaranasan was first published in the Newspaper – Mithavadi.(Previous Year PSC Questions: Company/Corporation Assistant & Assistant Information Officer, 2018)
    • ’Veenapoovu’written by Kumaran Asan was first published in – Mithavadi.(Previous Year PSC Questions: HSST - Junior - Commerce, 2018)
  • Name the poetry that is not a work of Kumaranasan – (Previous Year PSC Questions: Senior Lecturer in Genito Urinary Surgery 2018)
    • (A) Nalini (B) Aksharam (C) Karuna (D) Veenapoovu
  • ‘Chandala Bhikshuki’ was the famous work of – Kumaranasan. (Previous Year PSC Questions: Liaison Officer cum Assistant Personnel Officer- KELPALM 2018)
    • Which poem of Kumaranasan portrays the story of Matangi? Chandala Bhikshuki. (Previous Year PSC Questions: Lab Assistant –Marketing & Salesmanship VHSE, 2015)
  • Who wrote ‘Karuna’? – Kumaranasan. (Previous Year PSC Questions: Forester (Section Forest Officer)-Forest / Civil ExciseOfficer-Excise, 2019)
  • Who is the author of ‘Duravastha’? – Kumaranasan. (Previous Year PSC Questions: L.D Typist KELPALM /Junior Steno Typist Kerala Minerals and Metals Ltd, 2014)
  • Which poem of Kumaran Asan has the theme of intercaste marriage – Duravastha.(Previous Year PSC Questions: BLACKSMITH 2018)
  • Among the following books which are based on the Malabar rebellion – Duravastha.(Previous Year PSC Questions: Lecturer in Architecture 2018)
    • On the Background of Malabar Rebellion 1921, Kumaranasan wrote the poem – Duravastha. (Previous Year PSC Questions: Perfusionist 2018)
  • Through which poem Mahakavi Kumaranasan raise his voice against caste barriers?– Duravastha. (Previous Year PSC Questions: >Computer Programmer – Technical Education – Engineering Colleges, 2015)
  • The author of the Sree Buddha Charitham – Kumaran Asan. (Previous Year PSC Questions:>Electrician K.S.F.D.C 2015)
  • “Vichitravijayam” is a drama written by – Kumaranasan. (Previous Year PSC Questions:Assistant Professor-General Surgery 2018)
  • Who wrote the poem ‘Tagore Malayalam’? – Kumaranasan. (Previous Year PSC Questions: Staff Nurse in Insurance Medical Services, 2016)
  • Which is the Mahakavyam of Kumarasan?(Previous Year PSC Questions: Assistant Town Planner, Town & Country Planning, 2015)
    • (A) Veena Poovu (B) Karuna (C) Nalini (D)None of these