Noble Prize Winners - 2019

Nobel Prize Winners 2019

Noble Prize Winners List - 2019

Field Winners Contribution
Physiology or Medicine
  • William G. Kaelin Jr.
  • Sir Peter J. Ratcliffe
  • Gregg L. Semenza
Cell's ability to sense
react to oxygen availability.
  • James Peebles
  • Michel Mayor
  • Didier Queloz
Theoretical discoveries
in physical cosmology.
Discovery of an exoplanet
orbiting a solar-type star.
  • John B. Goodenough
  • M. Stanley Whittingham 
  •  Akira Yoshino
Development of
lithium-ion batteries.
  • Peter Handke
Influential work that with
linguistic ingenuity has explored
the periphery and the specificity
of human experience.
Peace Prize
  • Abiy Ahmed Ali
    (Ethiopian PM)
Efforts to achieve peace and
international cooperation, and in
decisive initiative to resolve the
border conflict with neighboring Eritrea.
Economic Sciences
  • Abhijit Banerjee
  • Esther Duflo
  • Michael Kremer
Experimental approach to
alleviating global poverty.