State Symbols of Kerala

Kerala State Emblem
This post deals with the list of official state symbols of Kerala and some other interesting facts about these symbols.

List of State Symbols of Kerala

The following are the list of official state symbols of the Kerala:

State AnimalIndian Elephant
(Elephas Maximus Indicus)
State BirdGreat Hornbill
(Buceros Bicornis)
(മലമുഴക്കി വേഴാമ്പൽ)
State FishGreen Chromide/Pearlspot
(Etroplus suratensis)
State ButterflyBuddha Mayoori
(Papilio budha)
State TreeCoconut tree
(Cocos nucifera)
State FlowerKanikonna
(Cassia fistula)
State FruitJackfruit
(Artocarpus heterophyllus)
State DrinkCoconut Water
State Amphibian / Frog*Purple Frog
(Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis)
State Official SongJayajaya Komala Keralam
State Official Language Oathമലയാളമാണ് എന്റെ ഭാഷ.
എന്റെ ഭാഷ എന്റെ വീടാണ്
എന്റെ ആകാശമാണ്
ഞാൻ കാണുന്ന നക്ഷത്രമാണ്
എന്നെ തഴുകുന്ന കാറ്റാണ്
എന്റെ ദാഹം ശമിപ്പിക്കുന്ന കുളിർവെള്ളമാണ്
എന്റെ അമ്മയുടെ തലോടലും ശാസനയുമാണ്
എന്റെ ഭാഷ ഞാൻ തന്നെയാണ്.


  • Purple Frog – 
    • Native to Kerala Western Ghats.
    • Also known as pignose frog / Mahabali frog (s it emerges from under the ground for only one day like Mahabali).
    • Listed as endangered in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
  • State Official Language Oath was written by M.T. Vasudevan Nair.
  • State Official Language Oath came into being as a part of International Mother Language Day (IMLD).
  • International Mother Language Day February 21.
  • (IMLD) – First announced by UNESCO on 17 November 1999, "to promote the preservation and protection of all languages used by peoples of the world."
  • The State official song was written by Bodheswaran.
  • Penname of Bodheswaran Kesavapillai.
  • Green Chromide was designated as state fish by the Govt. of Kerala in 2010.
  • Jackfruit was designated as state fruit by Govt. of Kerala in March 21, 2018.
  • Official Kerala emblem – derivative version of the Royal coat of arms of the Kingdom of Travancore's Sri Padmanabha's Shanku with Sarnath Lion and 2 Indian elephants with trunks raised in salutation pose adopted in 1960 during Pattom A. Thanu Pillai's govt.
  • Great Hornbill are usually found in the Evergreen and mixed deciduous of India.
  • Indian Elephant is also a state symbol of which other states of India Karnataka & Jharkhand.
*Updated as of current statistics on 27/01/2021..