Diseases and Diagnostics/Confirmatory Tests List

Diseases and Diagnostics Tests
This post discusses some of the common communicable and non-communicable diseases and their diagnostic/confirmation tests that are important for all competitive examination preparation aspirants.

Diseases and Diagnostics Tests

Western Blot Test
Neva Test
TuberculosisTine Test
Dots Test
Mantoux Test
Tuberculin Test
HepatitisBilirubin Test
JaundiceBilirubin Blood Test
Paratyphoid (enteric) fever
Widal Test
DiphtheriaShick Test
Dengue feverTourniquet Test
LeprosyHistamine Test
Lepromin Skin Test
CarcinogenicityAmes Test*
Breast cancerMammography
Cervical cancerPap smear
Fallopian Tube Occlusion
Rubin’s Test
SyphilisWassermann Test
PlagueWayson stain Test
Influenza A & BRIDT*
Scarlet feverDick Test
Rheumatoid feverRose waller Test
Rheumatoid arthritisRA Factor Test
DiabetesBenedict Test


  • The Ames test is based on the assumption that any mutagenic substance for the bacteria used in this test might be a carcinogen.
  • Tourniquet test is also known as the Hess test or Rumpel-Leede test.
  • Rapid influenza diagnostic tests (RIDT) - identify the presence of influenza A and B viral nucleoprotein antigens in respiratory specimens