Famous Geographical Epithets of Kerala

Nicknames | Epithets | Sobriquets of Places (Kerala)

In this post, we are going to discuss Geographical Nicknames | Sobriquets of places in Kerala, which is commonly asked in PSC and other competitive examinations. Some of these are popularly known while others are not.

What are Geographical Epithets?

Geographical Epithets are simply put bynames that often describe the geographical characteristics of a region or a place and we use them regularly to glorify these places.

Generally, epithets can be anything that glorifies the places in place of the real name and entered the common usage. It can be considered as a glorified nickname.

For example, we often heard about Kerala described as
  • God's Own Country. 
  • Land Of Lagoons and Backwaters.  
  • Political Laboratory of India.  
What we infer from these epithets of Kerala are the first two describe the geographical aspect, while the last refers to the level of political awareness of people of Kerala and their active participation in politics compared to other states of India.

List of Geographical Epithets of Kerala

  • Aksharanagri (City of letters) – Kottayam.
  • Amsterdam of India – Kuttanad (Alleppey).
  • Bird Village of Kerala – Nooranad (Alleppey).
  • Cashew Capital of the World – Kollam.
  • Capital City of North Malabar – Thalassery (Kannur).
  • City of Lakes – Kottayam.
  • City of Latex – Kottayam.
  • City of Looms and Lores – Kannur.
  • City of Murals – Kottayam.
  • City of Publishing Houses – Kottayam.
  • City of Spices – Kozhikode.
  • City of Statues – Kozhikode.
  • City Of Weaves – Balaramapuram (Trivandrum).
  • Cherrapunjee of Kerala – Lakkidi (Wayanad).
  • Cradle of Indian Circus – Thalassery.
  • Cultural Capital of Kerala – Thrissur.
  • Dakshina Guruvayur – Ambalappuzha (Alleppey).
  • Dakshina Kashi in Kerala – Thrikkannad Shiva Temple (Kasaragod).
  • District of National Parks – Idukki.
  • District of Palaces – Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Dwarka of South India – Guruvayur Temple & Shri Krishnaswami Temple (Ambalappuzha).
  • Emperor of the Arabian Sea – Vizhinjam (Trivandrum).
  • Financial Capital of Kerala – Kochi.
  • Heritage City of Malabar – Thalassery.
  • Holland of Kerala – Kuttanad.
  • Gateway to Kerala – Kochi.
  • Gateway to High ranges – Kothamangalam.
  • Gateway to backwaters – Kollam.
  • Gateway of Wayanad – Lakkidi.
  • Gift of Pampa – Kuttanad.
  • God's Own District – Wayanad.
  • Gold Capital of India – Thrissur.
  • Land of Art – Haripad (Alleppey).
  • Land of Artists – Haripad.
  • Land of Mayoora Sandhesham – Haripad.
  • Land of Music, Dance & Drama – Haripad.
  • Land of Palm trees – Palakkad.
  • Land of Poorams – Thrissur.
  • Land of Seven Languages – Kasaragod.
  • Land of Snake Boats – Haripad.
  • Land of three 'C's – Thalassery.
  • Land of three 'L's – Kottayam.
  • Land of Theyyam – Kannur.
  • Land of Vadakkumnathan – Thrissur.
  • Kashmir of Kerala/Kashmir of East – Munnar.
  • Mecca of Kerala – Ponnani Juma Masjid.
  • Ooty of Kerala – Ranipuram (Kasargod).
  • Prince of the Arabian sea – Kollam.
  • Queen of Arabian Sea – Kochi.
  • Queen of the Eastern Hill Lands – Ranni (Pathanamthitta).
  • Queen of the Palakkad Hills – Nelliampathy (Palakkad).
  • Rice bowl of Kerala – Palakkad.
  • Sapthabhasha Sangamabhoomi – Kasargod.
  • Switzerland of Kerala – Vagamon (Idukki).
  • The Evergreen City of India – Thiruvananthapuram.
  • The Green Lung of Kochi/Green Lung of Kerala – Managalavanam.
  • Venice of the East – Alappuzha.
  • Vrindavan of Kerala – Malampuzha (Palakkad).


  • "Land of 3 C's " – Circus, Cricket, and Cake.
    • Circus – Thalassery is known as the Cradle of Indian Circus. It was there the first circus school was started by Keeleri Kunjikannan, the kalarippayattu maestro.
    • CricketLord Arthur Wellesly who introduced cricket to Thalassery, Tellicherry Town Cricket Club was India's First Cricket club, formed in 1850 at Thalassery.
    • Cake – The first bakery in Kerala was established in Thalassery, by Mambally Bapu (named it as Royal Biscuit Factory) who is considered to have baked the first Christmas cake in India in 1883 for Murdoch Brown, a cinnamon planter.
  • Land of three 'L's - Latex, lakes & letters
    • Letters – Fully literate district in 1989, home to some of the country’s largest-selling newspapers/magazines
    • Latex – Country’s largest source of rubber, Rubber board by Government of India is established there.
    • Lakes – Abundant network of backwaters both man-made and natural.
  • Sapthabhasha Sangamabhoomi – Kasaragod has seven languages used by its inhabitants: Malayalam. Tulu, Beary bashe, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi & Konkani.