Metals and Alloys For PSC

Metals and Alloys

This post lists some of the most significant metals and alloys that job aspirants must study for competitive GK examinations these days. Some of the alloys in the table below, such as brass and bronze, were often asked in previous year Kerala PSC question papers.

Metals, Alloys and their Uses

An alloy is a combination of metal and two or more other elements, which might be metallic or nonmetallic in nature. Some of these alloys, such as gold and silver, exist naturally, but the great majority are man-made.

Pure metals that stand-alone may be ineffective when compared to alloys.

Pure gold, for example, is excessively soft and malleable and ductile. Imagine crafting a ring out of pure gold; it would easily slide between our fingers, therefore jewellery makers combine it with silver or copper to strengthen the metal's endurance and hardness.

Thus, gold offers colour and corrosion resistance, while the other metals add strength.

Below Table lists important metals and alloys for PSC exams:

AlloyMetal Composition Uses
AlnicoAluminium, Nickel & Cobalt Making Magnets.
BrassCopper & Zinc Making Utensils.
BronzeCopper & TinMaking Utensils, Coins & Bells.
Bell MetalCopper & TinCasting bells & statues.
ConstantanCopper & NickelDC current shunts, electric motor starter
resistances & heavy-duty industrial rheostats.
Delta MetalCopper, Iron & ZincMaking Aeroplane Blades.
DuraluminAluminium & CopperMaking Utensils.
Dutch metalCopper & ZincMaking Artificial Ornaments.
ElectrumGold & SilverCoinage.
German SilverCopper, Nickel & ZincMaking Utensils.
GunmetalCopper, Tin & ZincMaking Guns, Barrels, Gears & Bearings.
InvarIron & NickelPendulum Clocks, Precision instruments,
clocks, seismic creep gauges, television
shadow-mask frames
ManganinCopper, Manganese & NickelResistors, Ammeter Shunts.
MagnaliumAluminium & MagnesiumMaking Frame of Aeroplanes.
Monel MetalCopper & NickelFor base containing container.
Munz MetalCopper & ZincMaking Coins.
NichromeNickel, Chromium &IronMaking heating elements of the iron boxes
Nickel steelIron & NickelMaking electrical wire, automobile parts.
Rose MetalBismuth, Tin & LeadManufacture of the automatic fuse.
Stainless SteelIron, Chromium & NickelMaking Utensils, Surgical instruments & Cutlery
Sterling SilverSilver & CopperOrnaments, Coinage
SolderLead & TinSoldering
Type MetalLead, Tin & AntimonyIn printing industry
Wood's MetalLead, Tin & CadmiumIn low-melting solder and low-temperature casting

** Brass - പിച്ചള, Bronze - ഓട്‌.

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