List of Father's of different fields (Science)

List of Father's of Science

In this post, we are going to learn about some of the important scientists / inventors / mathematicians of the past and the present who made significant contributions in the field of Science and Medicine and were acknowledged as Father of their respective fields. 

List of Father's of different fields (Science)

  • Father of Science – Galileo Galilei.
  • Father of Geography – Eratosthenes.
    • Father of Regional Geography – Karl Ritter.
    • Father of Systematic Geography – Alexander Von Humbolt.
  • Father of Architecture – Imhotep.
  • Father of Agriculture – Norman Borlaug.
  • Father of Modern Democracy – John Locke.


  • Father of Physics – Albert Einstein.
  • Mother of Modern Physics  – Marie Curie.
  • Father of Nuclear Physics – Ernest Rutherford.
  • Father of Modern Astronomy – Nicolaus Copernicus.
  • Father of Electricity  – Benjamin Franklin.
  • Father of Relativity – Albert Einstein.
  • Father of Aviation – George Cayley.
  • Father of Quantum Mechanics – Max Planck.
  • Father of Atom Bomb – J. Robert Oppenheimer.
  • Father of Hydrogen Bomb  – Edward Teller.
  • Father of Radio Science in India – J. C. Bose.
  • Father of Indian Nuclear Science – Homi Jehangir Bhabha.
  • Father of the Indian Space Programme – Dr. Vikram Sarabhai.


  • Father of Modern Chemistry – Antoine Lavoisier.
  • Father of Organic Chemistry – Friedrich Wöhler.
  • Father of Physical Chemistry – Wilhelm Ostwald.
  • Father of Nuclear Chemistry – Otto Hahn.
  • Father of Modern Biochemistry  – ;Carl Alexander Neuberg.
  • Father of Indian Chemistry – P.C. Roy.
  • Father of Periodic Table – Dmitri Mendeleev.


  • Father of Biology – Aristotle.
  • Father of Botany – Theophrastus.
  • Father of Zoology – Aristotle.
  • Father of Concept of Evolution – Charles Darwin (for Kerala PSC) / Empedocles.*
  • Father of Microbiology – Louis Pasteur.
  • Father of Nanotechnology – Richard P. Feynman (for Kerala PSC) / Richard Smalley.*
  • Father of Taxonomy – Carl Linnaeus.
  • Father of Binomial Nomenclature – Carl Linnaeus.
  • Father of Cloning – Ian Wilmut. 
  • Father of Biodiversity – Edward O. Wilson.
  • Father of Plant Pathology – Heinrich Anton de Bary.
  • Father of Palynology – Erdtman.


  • Father of Mathematics – Archimedes.
  • Father of Numbers – Pythagoras.
  • Father of Geometry – Euclid.
  • Father of Trigonometry – Hipparchus.
  • Father of Algebra – Diophantus.
  • Father of Calculus – Sir Issac Newton.

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  1. Father of nanotechnology, I find other options also - Heinrich Rohrer, Richard Feynman...pls tell, which is the correct answer as per PSC?

    Father of concept of evolution- Empedocles or Charles Darwin;.pls tell, which is the correct answer as per PSC?

  2. For nanotechnology, generally there are 4 people; Richard P. Feynman (for Kerala PSC) , Richard Smalley (in some of the UPSC Question papers), Norio Taniguchi & Heinrich Rohrer. Depends upon the option.

    For evolution (theory of evolution by natural selection), it is always Charles Darwin (for Kerala PSC), as he was the first to explain natural selection & evolution in the fourth edition of his 'On the Origin of Species.

    Empedocles of Agrigentum (Greek poet-philosopher): the concepts of evolution were first found in his writings, so he is considered as one of the Fathers of evolution ("Father of concept of evolution by Osborn", Class 12 NCERT) by some.


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