Leading Crop Producing Districts of Kerala

Leading Crop Producing Districts of Kerala
This post lists all the major crops producing districts in Kerala. Leading crop-producing districts in Kerala is an important topic in the majority of the PSC GK and other competitive exams.

Leading Producers of Crops in Kerala

Crops Districts
Arecanut Kasarcode
Banana Malappuram
Cardamom Idukki
Cashew Kannur
Cinnamon Idukki
Clove Idukki
Coconut Kozhikode
Coffee Wayanad
Cotton Palakkad
Garlic Idukki
Ginger Wayanad
Green Chilly Palakkad
Ground Nut Palakkad
Mango Palakkad
Orange Palakkad
Pepper Idukki
Pineapple Ernakulam
Rice Palakkad
Rubber Kottayam
Sandalwood Idukki
Sugarcane Palakkad
Sweet Potato Palakkad
Tapioca Thiruvananthapuram
Tea Idukki
Tobacco Kasarcode
Turmeric Palakkad

Now that we took a look at the major crop producing districts of Kerala, Click here to read more about the Agricultural Research Institutions and their Headquarters of Kerala.


  • Spice districts of Kerala – Idukki & Wayanad.
  • Cashew factories are found mostly in – Kollam.
  • Only district in Kerala which produces garlic – Idukki.
  • Only tobacco cultivating district in Kerala – Kasarcode.
  • First state in India to start the cultivation of Rubber – Kerala.
  • The place in Kerala famous for orange farms – Nelliyampathy, Palakkad.
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