Kerala PSC Deputy Collector Exam 2019 Solved Question Paper

Kerala PSC Deputy Collector Exam 2019 Solved Question Paper
In this post, we are listing the previous year solved question paper of the Kerala PSC Deputy Collector exam conducted in the year 2019.  Here we will list the GK & Computer section of the solved Kerala PSC Deputy Collector 2019. However, you can download the fully solved question paper (PDF) from the link given below.

Kerala PSC Deputy Collector Solved Question Paper

  Post Name: Deputy Collector(SR for SC/ST).
  Medium: English/Malayalam.
  Category No.: (289/2018).
  Department: Land Revenue.
  Question Code: (43/2019).
  Exam Date: 16 September 2019.

Kerala PSC Deputy Collector Solved Question Paper 2019

GK & Computer Section
21. Which part of the brain controls involuntary actions such as heart beat and breathing?
22. The Allotrope of carbon which is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors?
23. Which is the major component of natural gas?
24. Which of the following is a gaseous plant hormone?
25. Example of a semiconductor
26. The catalyst used in the manufacture of Sulphuric Acid:
27. The compound used to regulate the setting time of cement:
28. Water kept in an earthern pot cools well due to the phenomenon of:
29. The visual pigment ‘rhodopsin’ seen in the rod cells of the retina is derived from which of the following vitamin:
30. The phenomenon of persistence of sound as a result of multiple reflection is:
31. Who is the recipient of the Saraswathi Samman for the year 2017?
32. In the Swachh Survekshan 2018 Rankings which Indian city was awarded best capital city in the Solid Waste Management?
33. The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Museum is at:
34. Who has become the first player-ever to win ICC Test, ODI player and Cricketer of the year?
35. Who wrote ‘Shadow Lines’?
36. In which of the following cities has started the World’s first human rights television?
37. India’s first private sector Howitzer gun manufacturing plant has inaugurated in which Indian City?
38. DARPAN project relates to:
39. The POCSO Act is related to:
40. Who won Dadasaheb Phalke award for the year 2018?
41. Who wrote the book ‘The Transfer of Power in India’?
42. The Attingal revolt was broke out in the year:
43. Which among the following revolts Kaitheri Ambu Nair participated?
44. Aryasamajam was established by:
45. Who among the following was closely connected with Keezhariyur Bomb Case?
46. In the Medieval Kerala the term Ayiram stands for:
47. Which Indian river is called as Jamuna in Bangladesh?
48. Amaravathi river is a tributary of:
49. Who was the leader of the revolt of 1857 in Kanpur?
50. T Who among the following was NOT a member of the famous Trio (Lal-Bal Pal) in Indian National Congress?
51. Dr. Sathyapal and Saifudheen Kitchlew were arrested for their protest against:
52. Which of the following movements was closely connected with Ali brothers?
53. Gandhiji withdrew non-cooperation movement in the year
54. Who was the main organizer of the Bardoli Sathyagraha?
55. Which Indus Valley site has been known as Mound of the Dead?
56. Who founded Sathyasodaka Samajam?
57. Who formulated People’s Plan in 1945?
58. The Electricity agitation of 1936 was broke out at:
59. Who published Sivayogavilasam Masika?
60. Which was the ancient name of Padmanabhapuram?
61. Name the Union Territories of India which have elected Legislators and Governments:
62. Which Government removed the Right to property from the list of Fundamental Rights?
63. The Central legislature of India consists of:
64. Which of the following is not a basic feature of Indian Constitution?
65. The Constitution of India adopted the concept of single citizenship from:
66. Which constitutional amendment introduced G.S.T. in India?
67. The concept of Directive Principles of State Policy in the Indian Constitution is borrowed from:
68. The power to regulate the rights of citizenship in India is vested on:
69. The Chief Minister of a State is:
70. DWho was the First Election Commissioner of India?
91. Which of the following is an input device?
92. What is OCR?
93. Which of the following decimal numbers represent the hexadecimal number 1A?
94. One of the advantage of using a database management system is:
95. What is Digital signature?
96. The search engines that collect results from other search engines are known as:
97. Which of the following is address of a web page in the internet?
98. A software that acts as an intermediary between user of a computer and the computer hardware:
99. Which is the national nodal Agency for cyber security incident response?
100. The Information Technology Amendment Act was made effective from:

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