PSC L.D. Clerk 2019 Solved Question Paper

Kerala PSC University Assistant Exam 2019 Solved Question Paper

PSC L.D. Clerk (Kerala Water Authority) 2019 Solved Question Paper 2019
Category No. 413/2017

In this post, we are listing the previous year solved question paper of the Kerala PSC L.D. Clerk exam conducted in the year 2019.  Here we will list the GK section of the solved Kerala PSC L.D. Clerk 2019. However, you can download the fully solved question paper (PDF) from the link given below.

Kerala PSC L.D.Clerk (By Transfer) Solved Question Paper
Post Name: L.D.Clerk (By Transfer).
Medium: English/Malayalam.
Category No.: (413/2017).
Department:Kerala Water Authority.
Question Code:(31/2019).
Exam Date:18 July 2019.

Kerala PSC L.D.Clerk (By Transfer) Solved Question Paper 2019
General Knowledge Section
21. Which hormone is injected in pregnant women during child birth?
22. In the electrical circuit of a house the fuse is used:
23. Drinking Soda is:
24. A cross between hybrid and either of any parent (Dominant or Recessive) is called:
25. Which metal is widely used for the production of powerful and light weight magnets?
26. Which of the following is called as 'Royal Disease'?
27. A modern concept of Galvanic cells:
28. The ability of a liquid at extremely low temperature to flow upwards overcoming the force of gravity:
29. The scientist who first sent electro magnetic waves to distant places is:
30. In eye donation which one of the following parts of donor's eye is utilized.
31. Panchayati Raj System was introduced in Kerala in:
32. The Constitution Amendment which is known as Mini Constitution:
33. The Viceroy who passed the Vernacular Press Act in 1878?
34. Who is the author of A Short History of Peasant Movement in Kerala?
35. Sardar Sarovar dam is built across the river:
36. How many countries participated in the FIFA Russian World Cup 2018?
37. Who among the following was the first women President of Indian National Congress?
38. Who invented Electron?
39. Founder of Satyashodak Samaj:
40. Which among the following days is observed as World Meteorological Day?
41. In 1864 John Lawrency, the Viceroy of India, officially moved his council to:
42. Headquarters of survey of India:
43. Under Civil Disobedience Movement Gandhiji reached Dandi on
44. The famous image of Bharat Mata first created:
45. Tuduvaipu Era' commenced in memory of:
46. The largest fresh water lake in Kerala:
47. Gateway of Bengal
48. The cylonic storm that hit Andra Pradesh and Tamilnadu Coasts on 16th December 2018:
49. First Industrial Worker's strike in India:
50.First President of All India Trade Union congress:
51. River that flows eastward direction:
52. Peacock's habitat:
53. The only live Volcano in India:
54. Based on Rangarajan Committee Poverty line in rural areas:
55. India's first official census took place in:
56. The apex body to coordinate the rural financial system:
57. Golden Revolution introduced in which sector:
58. The scheme introduced to cover insurance for the benefit of workers in the informal sector:
59. Employment Guarantee Act enacted in:
60. The unique phenomenon of a temple, a Church a mosque and a synagogue situated adjacent to one another within the same compound at:
61. Who is called the Father of Indian Constitution?
62. Part - IV of the Indian Constitution deals with
63. Who is the Head of the Indian Republic?
64. What is the maximum strength of the Rajya Sabha as per constitutional provisions?
65. Who appoints the Judges of the Supreme Court?
66. When National Human Rights Commission set up?
67. Who conducts examination for appointments to services of the union?
68. Which articles deals with Right to Equality?
69. Which among the following is considered as the basis of Socio- Economic Democracy in India?
70. NITI Aayog Replace:
91. What is Somnox Robot?
92. Phishing is:
93. Father of computer is:
94. ROM is:
95. SMPS is:
96. TCP stands for:
97. Which of the following is not a search engine?
98. When did IT Act 2000 come into effect?
99. One Giga byte contains:
100. Which of the following is not an input device?

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