Kerala State Human Rights Commission

Kerala State Human Rights Commission

The Kerala Human Rights Commission is an autonomous body that came into existence under the provisions of sub- section (1) of section 21 of the Protection of Human Rights Act 1993 (Central Act 10 of 1994).

State Human Rights Commission & National Human Rights Commission has been an important topics for PSC exam over the years. So we tried to include all the important points for the exam.

Basic Facts

  • Established in – December 11, 1998.
  • Headquarters – Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Total Members – (Chairman & 2 members).
  • First Chairman – M.M. Pareeth Pillai. 
    • Other Members – Dr. S. Balaraman & T.K. Wilson.
  • Current Chairman – Justice S. Manikumar.
    • Other Members – P. MohanaDas & V. K. Beenakumari.
  • Current Secretary – Vijayakumar. T.

Structure of Kerala SHRC

The Kerala state human right commission is comprised of 3 members. Out of which one is chairman and the rest of the 2 are members.
  • Appointed by – Governor.  
  • Term – 3 years or till the age of 70 years. 
  • Removed by – President of India. 
  • Selection Committee Members: 4
    • Chief Minister (Head / Chairman),
    • Home Minister,
    • Leader of the Opposition Party,
    • Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly.

Qualifications of the Members

The following qualifications are required as per sub - section (2) of section 21 of the of Protection of Human Rights Act ,1993 to become a member of KSHRC.
  • Chairman –  Retired Chief Justice/ Judge of Kerala High Court.
  • 1 Member – Judge of a High Court, or a District Judge in the State with 7 years experience.
  • 1 Member – With practical experience in the field of Human Rights.
The chairman or the members may resign after submitting the resignation letter to the Governor. However, only the President can remove a member of the commission for proven misbehavior or incapacity.

The State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has to submit its annual report to the State Governor who in turn forwards it to the President of India.

Human Rights Courts 

According to the Section 30 of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 Act, there should be at least one special court (with the approval of Chief Justice of the High Court) in every district in the State for the speedy trials regarding human rights violation cases.

In addition of Section 31 of the Act enables the State Govt. to appoint a special public prosecutor for that court. 

Powers of Kerala SHRC

The functions and powers of the Commission are laid down in Chapter III of the Act.

 The State Commission shall inquire into violation of human rights in respect of matters relating to any of the entries enumerated in list II and list III of the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India.

Provided, if such matter has already been inquired into by any other Commission duly constituted by any other law for the time being in force, the State Commission shall not inquire into the said matter. 

While inquiring into complaints under the Act, Commission shall have all the powers of a civil court trying a suit under C.P.C,1908.
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  • Human Rights Day – December 10.
  • New DGP of Kerala State Human Rights Commission (2021) – Tomin Thachankary.
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