Kerala Renaissance Questions | Part II


Kerala Renaissance Questions | Part 2
This is the second volume of the compilation of 30 important questions and answers about the Kerala Renaissance that we gathered from previous question papers and PSC bulletins. Some of these questions are frequently asked in PSC exams.

We hope that this course will better prepare you for all of the upcoming PSC examinations.

  1. Who is known as the  ‘Jhansi Rani of Travancore’?
  2.            ➤  Accamma Cherian

  3. Who dubbed Accamma Cherian as the  ‘Jhansi Rani of Travancore’?
  4.            ➤  Mahatma Gandhi 

  5. The slogan ‘Vayichu Valaruka’ is related to?
  6.            ➤  Granthasala Sangham

  7. In 1925, who was named as his successor by Sree Narayana Guru?
  8.            ➤  Sree Bodhananda Swamikal

  9. Who authored the book 'Mokshapradeepam'?
  10.            ➤  Brahmananda Sivayogi

  11. Who wrote the book 'Moksha Pradeepa Khandanam' to criticize Brahmananda Sivayogi's work 'Mokshapradeepam'?
  12.            ➤  Chattambi Swami

  13. The founder of Keraleeya Nair Samajam?
  14.            ➤  C. Krishna Pillai

  15. Who organized 'Preethi Bhojanam' in 1927?
  16.            ➤  Vagbhatananda

  17. Where was Vagbhatananda's 'Preethi Bhojanam' held?
  18.            ➤  Kozhikode

  19. Name the poet who named his home in Elavumthitta as 'Kerala Varma Soudham', as a tribute to his close friend Kerala Varma Valiyakoyi Thampuran?
  20.            ➤  Muloor S. Padmanabha Panicker 

  21. What is the nickname of Muloor S. Padmanabha Panicker ?
  22.            ➤  Sarasa Kavi (സരസകവി)

  23. 'A smriti which is the people’s charter of spiritual emancipation' who hailed the Temple Entry Proclamation with these words?
  24.            ➤   Mahatma Gandhi 

  25. Who was the Maharaja of Travancore at the time of the Temple Entry Proclamation (1936)?
  26.            ➤   Maharaja Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma

  27. Who was the President of the Temple Entry Enquiry Committee formed by Sree Chithira Thirunal on November 25, 1932, that took a negative stance against Temple entry of the untouchables?
  28.            ➤   V.S. Subramania Aiyar 

  29. Which event coincided with the announcement of the Temple Entry Proclamation?
  30.            ➤   Birthday of Maharaja of Travancore

  31. Who convened the First Fisheries Conference in 1949 with the goal of developing sustainable projects and programmes for the development of the coastal region and fishermen?
  32.            ➤  Dr. V.V. Velukutty Arayan

  33. 'Pancha Kalyani Niroopanam' was the work of?
  34.            ➤  Mannath Padmanabhan

  35. Which organization was the joint venture of Mannath Padmanabhan and R. Sankar?
  36.            ➤  Hindu Maha Mandalam

  37. Who translated Sree Narayana Guru's 'Atmopadeshasatakam' into English as 'Centiloquy to the Self'?
  38.            ➤  Nataraja Guru

  39. The famous Malayalam poet who perished in a boat accident on the Pallana river in 1924?
  40.            ➤  Kumaranasan

  41. Who is the Father of Muslim Renaissance in Kerala?
  42.            ➤  Vakkom Muhammed Abdul Khadar Moulavi

  43. The priest who introduced the idea of 'One school for one Church' in the Kerala Sabha 1864?
  44.            ➤  Kuriakose Elias Chavara

  45. What was the name of Kerala's first post-independence Satyagraha?
  46.            ➤  Paliyam Satyagraha

  47. The venue of Paliyam Satyagraha?
  48.            ➤  Chendamangalam (Ernakulam)

  49. Where was first All Kerala Political Conference held at?
  50.            ➤  Ottappalam (Palakkad, April 23, 1921)

  51. Where was first Women Conference in Kerala held at?
  52.            ➤  Vadakara (part of Congress conference, May, 1931)

  53. What was the historic decision made during the Vadakara Congress Conference?
  54.            ➤  To launch Guruvayoor Satyagraha

  55. Which was the largest strike staged by the Communist Party in Kerala??
  56.            ➤  Punnapra Vayalar (1946)

  57. The women activist who took part in the general strike​, led by Tiruvitamkur Coir Factory Workers Union (TCFWU) at Alappuzha in 1938?
  58.            ➤  Arya Pallam 

  59. Who was elected to the Sree Moolam Praja Sabha in honour of their service to the Harijan community?
  60.            ➤  Ayyankali 

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