Kerala Renaissance Questions | Part I

Kerala Renaissance Questions

In this post, we have compiled a list of 30 relevant questions and answers concerning the Kerala renaissance from old question papers and PSC bulletins. Some of these questions appear regularly in PSC exams.

We hope that this series will equip you better for all the forthcoming PSC exams.

  1. "Oru jathy, oru matham, oru Daivom" ("Intha ulakathile orae oru jathy than, Orae oru matham than, orae oru kadavul than") is the Malayalam translation of Thycaud Ayya’s teaching. Who popularised it?
  2.            ➤ Sree Narayana Guru

  3. Who stated called "No caste, no religion, no god for man"?
  4.            ➤ Sahodaran Ayyappan

  5. "Onre ulakam, Onre matham, Onre Arasu, Onre neethi" are the words of?
  6.            ➤ Ayya Vaikuntar

  7. Who was called 'Vaikom Veerar'?
  8.            ➤ E.V. Ramaswami Naicker

  9. The slogan ‘Travancore for Travancoreans’ is related to?
  10.            ➤ Malayali Memorial

  11. Who took the initiative to file a counter-memorial in favour of Brahmins, against the Malayali Memorial?
  12.            ➤ Chenkotta Ramayyar

  13. The renaissance leader and Malayalam poet who was known as 'The Singing Sword of Kerala'?
  14.            ➤ Subramaniam Tirumamba

  15. The date of Temple Entry Proclamation in Travancore?
  16.            ➤ 1936 November 12

  17. The Ezhava Memorial of 1900 was submitted before which viceroy?
  18.            ➤ Lord Curzon

  19. Who was the first in South India to erect a mirror for worship?
  20.            ➤ Ayya Vaikuntar

  21. The renaissance leader who called the British as the ‘Ven Neechan’ and the ruler of Travancore as the ‘The Neechan of Ananthapuri’?
  22.            ➤ Ayya Vaikuntar

  23. The Travancore King alluded to by Ayya Vaikuntar as  The Neechan of Ananthapuri’?
  24.            ➤ Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma

  25. The Maharaja of Travancore who invited Thycaud Ayya to his palace and became his disciple?
  26.            ➤ Swathi Thirunal  

  27. What was the original name of the NSS (Nair Service Society) when it was founded in 1914?
  28.            ➤ Nair Bhrithyajana Sangham

  29. The founder editor of the Yukthivadi Magazine?
  30.            ➤ Sahodaran Ayyappan

  31. The social reformer related to ‘Villuvandi Yatra’ of 1893?
  32.            ➤ Ayyankali

  33. The founder of Cheramar Mahasabha?
  34.            ➤ Pampadi John Joseph

  35. During the Liberation Struggle (1959), Mannath Padmanabhan started the ‘Jeevasikha Jatha' from?
  36.            ➤ Angamaly

  37. For the installation of the idol in which temple, Sree Narayana Guru reached there with Chattambi Swamikal?
  38.            ➤ Poothotta Sree Vallabheswara Temple

  39. Who was called ‘Pavangalude Padathalavan’?
  40.            ➤ A.K. Gopalan

  41. Who was the first owner of the newspaper, Mithavadi?
  42.            ➤ T. Sivasankaran

  43. Which newspaper was known as the ‘Bible of Thiyyas’?
  44.            ➤ Mithavadi

  45. Who started the Araya Service Society?
  46.            ➤ Dr. Velukutty Arayan

  47. Who was the leader of the ‘Mookkoothi Samaram'?
  48.            ➤ Arattupuzha Velayudha Panicker

  49. The name ‘Nivarthana Prakshobham’ (Abstention Movement) was coined by?
  50.            ➤ I.C. Chacko

  51. The founder editor of Sadhujana Paripalini??
  52.            ➤ Kalichothikaruppan

  53. Who does Ayyankali regard as his heir in the activities for the welfare of his community?
  54.            ➤ T.T. Kesavan Sasthri

  55. Another name of ‘Melmundu Samaram’?
  56.            ➤ Channar Agitation

  57. The founder of Kerala Granthasala Sangham?
  58.            ➤ P.N. Panicker

  59. Who is called the 'Father of political agitation' in Travancore?
  60.            ➤ Barrister G.P. Pillai