Kerala and Olympics

Kerala and Olympics

The following post reviews Kerala's Olympic adventure thus far. Don't forget to read this since it is very crucial in various PSC examinations including Degree Prelims, LDC, LGS, etc, as P.R. Sreejesh of Kerala secured a bronze medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

  • First Malayali to participate in Olympics – C.K. Lakshman (Paris, 1924).
  • First Malayali from Independent India to participate in a team event in Olympic Games Thenmadom Mathew Varghese (Football, 1948).
    • Second Malayali Olympian – Thenmadom Mathew Varghese.
      • Nickname – Thiruvalla Pappan / Tata Pappan. 
  • First Malayali Olympian from Independent India to participate in an individual event – Suresh Babu (Long Jump, 1972).
  • First Malayali Woman to participate in an Olympic Event – P.T. Usha (100m, 200m, 1980).
  • First Malayali to win Olympic medal – Manuel Fredericks (Hockey, Bronze, Munich 1972).
  • Second Malayali to win Olympic medal – P. R. Sreejesh (Bronze, Hockey, 2020). 
  • First Malayali athlete to qualify for the 400m hurdles in Olympics – P.T. Usha.
  • First Indian Woman to enter the Semi-final of an Olympic event in the women's 800m – Shyni Willson (1984 Los Angeles).
  • First Malayali swimmer to participate in Olympics – Sebastian Xavier (Atlanta, 1996).
  • First Indian (Malayali as well) male athlete to qualify for the 400m hurdles in Olympics – M.P. Jabir.
  • First Indian to Control Olympic Boxing Competition P. K. Muraleedharan (2004).
  • First Indian Woman Flagbearer – Shyni Willson (Barcelona, 1992).
    • First Woman Captain of the Indian contingent in an Olympics – Shyni Willson.
  • Malayali who participated in most no. of Olympic Games – Shyni Willson (1984, 1988, 1992,1996).

Kerala Athletes in Tokyo Olympics 2020

  • No. of Keralites participated in Tokyo Olympics – 9.
P.R. SreejeshHockey  (Goal Keeper)
Sajan PrakashSwimming (200m butterfly)
K. T. IrfanRacewalking (200m walk)
Muhammed Anas YahiyaAthletics (4x400m relay)
Alex AntonyAthletics (4x400m mixed relay)
Amoj JacobAthletics (4x400m relay)
Noah Nirmal  TomAthletics (4x400m relay)
M.P. Jabir Athletics (400m hurdles)
M. SreeshankarAthletics (Long Jump)

  • For the first time (after 1980), there is no Malayali woman competing in the Olympics.
  • First Indian athlete to qualify for Tokyo Olympics 2020 – K.T. Irfan.
  • First Indian swimmer to make Olympic 'A' cut – Sajan Prakash.
  • Goodwill Ambassador of Kerala Olympic Team at Tokyo Olympics – Mohanlal.
  • Second Malayali to win Olympic medal – P. R. Sreejesh (Bronze, Hockey).
    • First Malayali to win Olympic medal – Manuel Fredericks (Hockey, Bronze, Munich 1972).
  • First Indian (Malayali as well) male athlete to qualify for the 400m hurdles in Olympics – M.P. Jabir.
  • The Malayali athlete who participated in the Tokyo Olympics Opening ceremony parade – Sajan Prakash.
  • Malayali who is participating in Paralympics – Siddharth Babu (Para-shooting).
  • Head Coach of the Indian Athletic team – P. Radhakrishnan Nair.
  • Malayali who was appointed as the Badminton Umpire for Tokyo Olympics 2020 – Dr. Fine C. Dathan.
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    • International Olympic Day – June 23.
    • International Olympic Committee –
      • Headquarters – Lausanne, Switzerland.
      • Head – Thomas Bach.
    • Kerala Sports Day October 13.
    • Father of Kerala Sports G.V. Raja (Col. P. R. Godavarma Raja).
    • Payyoli Express – P.T. Usha.
    • Sports Minister  of Kerala – V. Abdurahiman.
    • SAI Kerala Director – Dr. G. Kishore.
    • Sports Secretary of Kerala – Sharmila Mary Joseph.
    • First Sportstar Kerala Sports Conclave was held at – Thiruvananthapuram.
    • President of Kerala Olympic Association – Sunil Kumar.
    • Prize Money – 
      • Indian Olympic Association – 75 Lakh (Gold), 40 Lakh (Silver), 25 Lakh (Bronze) & 1 Lakh for all participating athletes.
      • Kerala Govt. – 2 crores & promotion for P.R. Sreejesh & 5 Lakhs for all participating athletes.