List of Local Winds For PSC

List of Local Winds For PSC

Local winds are winds that blow over a small, geographically constrained area and are influenced by local elements such as differences in heating and cooling of sea and land area, air pressure, gravity, and so on.

They are restricted to the lowest levels of the atmosphere. They are usually measured in tens of miles to hundreds of miles. 

Local winds frequently have a significant influence on the local climate. They might be hot, chilly, or damp. They can range from moderate and benign to violent and hazardous, depending on the local meteorological conditions. 

There are hundreds of local winds all around the world. After examining previous years' question papers from Kerala PSC examinations, we compiled a list of major local winds in this post.

List of Local Winds For PSC

Aside from the local winds indicated in the table below, there are also Sea Breeze, Land Breeze, Valley Breeze, Mountain Breeze, and Monsoons.

Local WindsRegion/Location
AlizéWest & Central Africa
BergSouth Africa
BlizzardRussia, Central & northeastern Asia,
Northern Europe, Canada, United States,
& Antarctica
BoraSouth & South-Eastern Europe
BrickfielderVictoria (Australia)
Buran (also known as Purga)East Asia
Cape DoctorSouth Africa
Cherry Blossom / Coffee ShowersKarnataka
Chinook (Snow eaters)Canada & USA (Rockies Mountain Region)
DiabloSan Francisco Bay Area of Northern California
ElephantaMalabar coast
Foehn / FöhnSwitzerland (Alps Region)
Fremantle DoctorWestern Australia
GharbiAegean Sea
GregaleCentral Mediterranean
Harmattan (also known as Doctor Wind,
Guinea Doctor)
West Africa
Kal Baisakhi / Nor'westersBihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal & Odisha
Karaburan (black storm)Central Asia
KosavaEastern Europe &the Balkans (Carpathian Mountains)
LevantSouth France & Spain
LooNorthern India & Pakistan
MaestroAdriatic sea
Mango ShowersKerala, Karnataka
NorteMexico (Central America)
NorwesterNew Zealand
PamperoArgentina & Uruguay (South America)
PapagayoMexico (Central America)
SalanoSouth Spain
Santa Anas (Devil's Wind)California (USA)
SimoomArabia, Israel, Jordan, Syria & Sahara
SiroccoSahara Region (North Africa)
SoutherlyNew Zealand & Australia*
TramontanaNorth Italy
VendavelStrait of Gibraltar
ZondaAndes & Argentina (South America)

In Australia, Southerly is known as Southerly busters.

Local winds are a significant component of World geography for PSC examinations such as 10th, 12th, and Degree level preliminaries and mains, as well as other government, insurance, and banking exams like as UPSC, LIC, RRB, IBPS Clerk/PO, and so on.

So, in the next sections, we'll go over more information about local winds, winds in general, and wind categorization.

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