International Film Festival of Kerala Awards 2022

International Film Festival Awards in 2022
The Kerala State Chalachitra Academy hosts the International Film Festival of Kerala on behalf of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala. 

Films from all around the globe will compete for honors in nine different categories at the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK 2022).

The categories for which the awards are presented include:

  • The Suvarna Chakoram (Golden Crow Pheasant) Award consists of a monetary reward of Rs. 20,00,000 (approx. $ 27,000), a memento, and a certificate.
  • The Rajatha Chakoram (Silver Crow Pheasant) Award, which is given to the best director, contains a monetary reward of Rs. 4,00,000 (approx. $ 5400), a souvenir, and a certificate.
  • The Rajatha Chakoram Best Debut Director Award comes with a monetary reward of Rs. 3,00,000 (approx. $ 4000), as well as a memento and certificate.
  • The monetary reward for Rajata Chakoram Audience Prize is Rs. 2,00,000 (approx. $ 2700).
  • The recipient of the FFSI K.R. Mohanan Endowment Award will receive a cash reward of Rs. 1,00,000 (approx. $1300) and
  • the NETPAC Award for Best Asian Film and Best Malayalam Film, and the FIPRESCI Award for Best Malayalam Debut Director
In 1996, Kozhikode hosted the first IFFK. In addition, the Festival was held on the occasion of the cinema's 100th anniversary, and 100 films were exhibited as part of the celebration. 

The Festival was organized by the Kerala State Film Development Corporation until 1998 when it was taken over by the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy.

International Film Festival Awards 2022

The winners of the 26th International Film Festival of Kerala, which took place from March 18th to March 25th, 2022 are listed below:

  • Suvarna Chakoram for Best Film – Clara Sola (Director: Nathalie Alvarez Mesen, Costa Rica).
  • Rajata Chakoram for Best Director – Ines Maria Barrionuevo (Film: Camila Comes Out Tonight).
  • Rajata Chakoram for Best Debut Director – Nathalie Alvarez Mesen (Film: Clara Sola).
  • FIPRESCI award for Best International Film – You Resemble Me (By Dina Amer).
  • FIPRESCI award for Best Malayalam Film – Avasayvyuham (ആവാസ വ്യൂഹം, The Arbit Documentation of an Amphibian Hunt, directed by Krishand RK).
  • NETPAC Award for Best Asian Film – Pebbles (Koozhangal, Director: Vinothraj P.S., Tamil).
  • NETPAC Award for Best Malayalam Film – Avasayvyuham.
  •  Audience Poll award for Best Asian Film – Pebbles.
  • FFSI K.R. Mohanan award for Best Debut Director from India – 
    • Prabhash Chandra for I’m Not The River Jhelum (Be Ches Ne Veth)
    • Tara Ramanujam for Nishiddho (Forbidden).
  • Special mention for performance – Nina Dziembrowski (Film: Camila Saldra Esta Noche)
  • Special mention – Let it be morning (by Eran Kolirin).
  • Jury Prize – Pebbles.
  • Spirit of Cinema award – Lisa Calan (Turkey).
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