Top Programming Languages and their Developers

Top Programming Languages and their Developers

A programming language is a type of computer language used by programmers to communicate with computers. In other words, it is a set of instructions written in a specific language such as C, C++, Java, etc to perform a specific task.

These programming languages have a wide variety of applications. They are used to develop websites, game development, desktop applications, automation in automobiles, mobile applications, etc.

There are mainly two types of programming languages. They are
  1. Low-Level Programming Languages
  2. High-Level Programming Languages
Low-Level Programming Languages which are in the form of 1s and 0s are further divided into Machine Language and Assembly Language whereas High-Level Programming Languages are user-friendly languages such as Java, Python, C/C++/C#, etc which are easy to use, create and maintain.

The above section is a brief introduction to programming languages. In another post, we will learn more about programming languages and their applications in detail for Kerala PSC exams.

List of Programming Languages and their Developers

Here, we'll learn about some of the top programming languages, their developers, and the year in which they are developed or appeared.

Programming LanguageDeveloperYear
Assembly LanguageKathleen Booth1949
BASICJohn Kemeny,
Thomas Kurtz
Dennis Ritchie1972
C++Bjarne Stroustrup1983
COBOLGrace Murray Hopper1959
FORTRANJohn Backus1957
HTMLTim Berners-Lee1993
JavaJames Gosling1995
JavaScriptBrendan Eich1995
PHPRasmus Lerdorf1995
PascalNiklaus Wirth1970
PythonGuido van Rossum,1991
SQLDonald D. Chamberlin
Raymond F. Boyce
TypeScriptAnders Hejlsberg &
ALGOLFriedrich Bauer1958
AMPLBrian Kernighan1985
AutocodeAlick Glennie1952
AWKBrian Kernighan1977
B Ken Thompson1969
C#Anders Hejlsberg2000
ClojureRich Hickey2007
D Walter Bright2001
ErlangJoe Armstrong,
Robert Virding &
Mike Williams
FortressGuy Lewis Steele2006
F#Don Syme2005
GO Rob Pike
Ken Thompson
HaskellPhilip Wadler1990
IconRalph Griswold1977
LimboRob Pike1995
LISPJohn McCarthy1959
LuaRoberto Ierusalimschy1993
Modula-2Niklaus Wirth1978
Manchester Mark 1Cicely Popplewell1949
MathematicaStephen Wolfram1988
NewspeakGilad Bracha2006
OCamlXavier Leroy1996
PerlLarry Wall1987
Power ShellJeffrey Snover,
Bruce Payette &
James Truher
PrologAlain Colmerauer1972
R Ross Ihaka &
Robert Gentleman
RacketMatthias Felleisen1995
RubyYukihiro Matsumoto1995
ScalaMartin Odersky2003
SchemeGuy Lewis Steele &
Gerald Jay Sussman
SimulaOle-Johan Dahl &
Kristen Nygaard
SmalltalkAlan Kay &
Dan Ingalls
SNOBOLRalph Griswold1962
SwiftChris Lattner2014
TclJohn Ousterhout1988
Turbo PascalAnders Hejlsberg1983
Wolfram LanguageStephen Wolfram1988

Did you know that there are many programming languages developed by Indians? 

Some of the famous ones are Kojo, the open-source language developed by Lalit Pant in 2010, Julia, a data science-based language co-created by Viral B. Shah, and Visual J# of 2002 developed by Microsoft India.

How can we forget to mention the recent Internet sensation 'Bhai-lang' a typescript-based toy programming language -- combining 'bhai' from the Hindi language with 'hi, bye' and other words in English -- created by two Indian developers: Aniket Singh and Rishabh Tripathi.

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