Repeated PSC Questions: Cyber Crimes & Cyber Security


Repeated PSC Questions: Cyber Crimes & Cyber Security

This post is a collection of repeatedly asked questions on the Computer-based topic, ' Cyber Crimes & Cyber Security,' from the previous year question papers of the various Kerala PSC exams.

Previous Year Repeated PSC Questions on  Cyber Crimes & Cyber Security

  • Criminal Activity using computer, mobile phone and Internet is termed as – Cyber Crime.  (Tradesman (Computer Engineering), 2016)
  • World Computer Security day – November 30. (Scheduled Caste Development Officer Grade I(SC/ST) Scheduled Caste Development, 2014; Sales Assistant Gr. II / Excise Circle Inspector (SR)/Excise Inspector (Trainee), 2016)
  • ഇന്ത്യയിൽ ദേശീയ സൈബർ സുരക്ഷാ ബോധവത്കരണ മാസം ഏതാണ്? ഒക്ടോബർ.    (Cobbler, VFA (10th level Mains), 2023)
  • Budapest convention on cyber crime was adopted in ______ year – 2001. (Manager (Personnel), 2023)
  • India’s first cyber crime police station located in – Bangalore. (Administrative Officer, KSRTC 2015)
    • First cyber crime police station was instituted in India at – Bengaluru. (Care Taker (Male), Social Justice, 2018)
  • The first cyber police station in Kerala was in – Thiruvananthapuram. (Executive Officer Grade IV, Malabar Devasom Board, 2018)
  • First state to launch Cyber Police Stations in each districts in India – Maharashtra. (Civil Excise Officer, 2017)
  • Where is India’s first cyber forensic laboratory has been set up? Tripura. (Scheduled Caste Development Officer Grade I(SC/ST) Scheduled Caste Development, 2014)
  • Which agency made the investigation related to India’s First Cyber Crime Conviction? CBI.  (Accountant/Cashier/Jr. Audit Assistant, 2021)
  • Which one of the following has been launched by the Central Government for providing softwares for the detection of malicious programs and free tools to remove these programs? (KAS Officer Trainee, 2020)
    • (A) National Cybercrime Threat Analytics Unit
    • (B) Cyber Swachhta Kendra
    • (C) National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre
    • (D) Platform for Joint Cybercrime Investigation Team

Classification of Cyber Crimes

1. Hacking

  • An illegal Intrusion into a computer system or network is called – Hacking. (Scheduled Caste Development Officer Grade I(SC/ST) Scheduled Caste Development, 2014)
  • Which phase of hacking performs actual attack on a network or system? Gaining access.  (Deputy Manager, 2023)
  • “Access” means (Sub Inspector (Trainee), 2023)
    • i. Gaining entry into a computer, computer system or computer network.
    • ii. Instructing the logical, arithmetical or memory function resources of a computer, computer system or computer network.
    • iii. Communicating with the logical, arithmetical or memory function resources of a computer, computer system or computer network.
    • iv. disruption of any computer network.
      • (A) All of the above                (B) Only i, ii and iii
      • (C) Only iv                               (D) Only ii and iii
  • The complete path through which unauthorized users can enter and extract data in a system is – Attack surface.  (Junior Instructor (Multimedia Animation & Special Effects), 2019)
  • The term _________ refers to a bad or criminal hacker – Black Hat. (Administrative Officer, 2015)
  • A group of hackers who are both white and black hat – Grey Hat Hackers. (Inspector, Legal Metrology, 2023)
  • IT Act 2000, Section ____ describes the penalty for hacking computer system – Section 66. (Assistant Information Officer, 2017)

 Hacking Methods & Tools

  • Which is a method of defeating a cryptographic scheme by trying a large number of possibilities?  Brute Force Attack. (Junior Instructor (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant), 2023)
  • Attack the ability of a network server to respond to TCP-connection requests by overflowing the tables used to manage such connections  SYN spoofing attack. (Workshop Instructor / Demonstrator / Instructor Gr.II (CSE), 2023)
  • “Signature” in Intrusion Detection means – Known patterns of malicious data.  (Junior Instructor (Multimedia Animation & Special Effects)2023)
  • Consider the following statements in the context of session hijacking.  (KAS Officer Trainee, 2020)
    • (i) It is compromising a user’s session to exploit their data and perform malicious activities or misusing their credentials.
    • (ii) The most common method of session hijacking is IP spoofing where the attacker acts as one of the authenticated users.
    • (iii) Session hijacking can be prevented by using packet sniffers and cross site scripting.
    • (iv) To protect the network with session hijacking, the defender has to implement security measures at Application as well as Network level. 
    • Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct ?

      • (A) All of the above                (B) (i), (ii) and (iii) only
      • (C) (i), (ii) and (iv) only          (D)  (i) and (ii) only

 DoS Attack
  • DoS stands for – Denial-of-Service. (Jr Instructor Computer Operator and Programming Assistant, 2019)
  • An attempt to make computer resources unavailable to intended users is called – Denial-of-Service attack. (Assistant - Universities in Kerala, 2016)
    • When an attempt is to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users, the attack is called – Denial-of-Service Attack.  (Junior Instructor (Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance), 2019)
  • An attack that tries to flood a computer resource with more requests than it can handle is known as ___________ – DoS Attack.  (Motor Transport Sub inspector (Trainee), 2020)
  • Which one of the following quality is most affected by denial of Service (DoS) attack?  (Junior Manager (Information Management), 2023)
    • (A) Confidentiality
    • (B) Integrity
    • (C) Availability
    • (D) Robustness
  • Darwin is the network administrator of the Chennai Office of a Company. He is annoyed about his low salary and in rage disables the passwords of the other employees so they are unable to access the company servers. Identify the liability of Darwin –   (Excise Inspector (Trainee) Degree Level Main Exam)2023)
    • (A)  Unauthorised Access                           (B) Denial of Access
    • (C) Computer Source Code Theft               (D) Disrupting Computer Network


  • Malware is a – (Assistant Pharmacist, Civil Supplies Corporation, 2015)
    • (A) Hardware  (B) Firmware  (C) Software  (D) None of these
  • Harmful software which can have unauthorized access to systems or cause damage? Malware.  (Junior Instructor (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant), 2023) 
  • A ‘crime ware’ is a – Toolkit to develop and deployment of malware.  (Junior Instructor (Multimedia Animation & Special Effects), 2023)
  • Use of online advertising to spread malware is called – Malvertising.  (Junior Instructor (Multimedia Animation & Special Effects), 2019)
  • Computer systems under the control of one attacker by installing malware in it and that can be used to attack other systems is known as – Zombie.  (Junior Instructor (Multimedia Animation & Special Effects), 2023)
  • Choose the malware that allows a hacker to access your computer completely –  (Typist Clerk/ LD Typist (Plus 2 Level Main Exam)2023)
    • (A) Virus                       (B) Spyware
    • (C) Adware                    (D) Root kits

  • Computer virus is a – Software. (Confidential Assistant Gr. II / Stenographer Gr. II, 2014)
  • VIRUS stands for – Vital information Recourse Under Siege. (Superintendent In Government Commercial Institute. Technical Education, 2014)
  • A program that has capability to infect other programs and make copies of itself and spread into other programs is called – Virus. (Accountant/Cashier/Jr. Audit Assistant, 2021)
  • First Computer virus is known as – Creeper Virus. (Accountant/Cashier/Jr. Audit Assistant, 2021)
    • Which virus is treated as the first computer virus? Creeper Virus. (Assistant/Auditor - Govt. Secretariat/KPSC/LFAD, 2015)
  • Computer virus is a – Malware. (Clerk cum Typist (Degree Level Main Exam), 2023)

b) Trojan Horse 
  • A Trojan Horse is a – Malicious Software. (Accountant, 2014)
  • Malicious software that pose as legitimate programs or files that user may recognize and want to use are known as ___________  Trojan horse. (Motor Transport Sub inspector (Trainee), 2020)
  • The code segment that misuses its environment is called a  Trojan horse. (Junior Instructor Software Testing Assistant, Industrial Training,  2019)
  • ______ does not replicate or clone through an infection  Trojan horse. (Junior Instructor (Stenographer and Secretarial Assistant- English), 2023)
    • Which computer virus will not reproduce by infecting other files or by self-replicating? Trojan horse. (Junior Instructor (Data Entry Operator), 2014)
  • ___________ may change or steal the password or may modify records in protected files or may allow illicit users to use the systems and have access to data and information stored there  Trojan horse. (Finance Manager, 2023)

c) Worm

  • A computer program that can to run independently and spread a fully functional copy of itself to other hosts on a network, typically through software flaws in the target system  Worm. (Workshop Instructor / Demonstrator / Instructor Gr.II (CSE), 2023)
  • Which mechanism is used by worm process? Spawn process. (Junior Instructor (Software Testing Assistant), 2019)

d) Spyware
  • The software installed on computers for collecting the information about the users without their knowledge is – Spyware. (Computer Assistant Grade II, 2016)
    •  Software that aims to gather information about a person or organization without their knowledge, that may send such information to another entity without the consumer’s consent, or that asserts control over a device without the consumer’s knowledge – Spyware. (Jr. Employment Officer, 2017)
  • In the right setting, a thief can try __ information by listening in while the victim gives credit card number or other information to a legitimate agent – Snagging. (ICDS Supervisor, 2017)

e) Ransomware 
  • The ever big Cyber Attack in history which affected almost 150 countries of the world is – Wanna Cry. (Forester/Section Forest Officer/ Forest/ Civil Excise Officer-Excise, 2019)
  • Which of the following statements about Ransomware are correct? (Degree Prelims Stage III, 2023)
    • (i) Ransomware is a virus which replicate itself.
    • (ii) Kind of cyber crime where the attacker gains access to the computer and blocks the user from accessing, usually by encrypting the data
    • (iii) The attacker blackmails the victim to pay for getting access to the data.
    • (A) (i) only                       (B) (i) and (ii)
    • (C) (i), (ii) and (iii)           (D) None of these
  •  The traditional method of protecting the device from ransomware attacks is no more suitable for IoT devices, because ___________ 
    • Select the most appropriate answer to fill in the blank from the choices given below: (Sub Inspector (Trainee), 2023)
    • (A) Such attacks originate from the dark web and cannot be protected against. 
    • (B) The data in IoT devices are stored in a very scattered manner that traditional methods cannot be used for protection.
    • (C) The sensors used in IoT devices themselves provide the best means of protection.
    • (D) It requires more computing and resources for protection.

  • What is a trap door in a program? A security hole inserted at programming time in the system for later use.  (Junior Instructor Software Testing Assistant, Industrial Training, 2019)
  • What is the type of injection in which malicious scripts are injected into trusted site? XSS.  (Junior Instructor (Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance), 2019)
  • The application program that gathers user information and send it to someone through the Internet – Spybot.     (Dairy Farm Instructor, 2020)
  • Match the following       (Dairy Farm Instructor, 2020)
    • (a)  Trojans                                  (i)    Michelangelo
    • (b)  Denial of Service attacks     (ii)   The Mirai Botnet
    • (c)  Hacking                                (iii)  Flood a network
    • (d)  Worm                                   (iv)   Time bombs
    • (A) a-ii, b-iii, c-iv, d-i                  (B) a-i, b-iii, c-ii, d-iv
    • (C) a-i, b-iii, c-ii, d-iv                  (D) a-iii, b-ii, c-iv, d-i
  • Match List – I with List – II.
    • List – I                                             List – II
    • a. Ransomware                       I. A software that collects information about a person or organization such as their internet activities, their personal data, password etc.
    • b. Spyware                             II. A software that gains continued access to a computer by attacking the root or administrator access and exploits the computer resources and other data stored in it.
    • c. Trojan Horse                     III. A form of malware that prevents access of the computer by the owner and demands a ransom for its removal.
    • d. Root Kit                            IV. A form of malware that appears to perform an authorized function, but in fact performs unauthorised functions such as data theft and system harm. 
      • (A) a – IV, b – II, c – I, d – III
      • (B) a – II, b – I, c – IV, d – III
      • (C) a – III, b – I, c – IV, d – II
      • (D) a – III, b – IV, c – I, d – II


  • The cyber crime where a hacker sends malicious links to users to gain access to their computers and accounts is called – Phishing. (Degree Level Prelims Stage II, 2023)
    • An attack that tricks people into providing sensitive information – Phishing. (Finger Print Searcher, 2021)
    • Attempting to acquire usernames, passwords, etc. by claiming as the original website of a popular website is called – Phishing. (University Assistant, 2019)
    • ____s the process of acquiring information such user name, passwords, and credit card details without permission – Phishing. (Scheduled Caste Development Officer Grade I(SC/ST) Scheduled Caste Development, 2014)
    • An attempt to criminally and fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as username, passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as trustworthy entity in an electronic communication is termed as – Phishing. (Assistant - Universities in Kerala, 2016)
  • Attacking the victims through fake URL resembling that of a valid financial institution is called as – Phishing. (Junior Instructor (Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance), 2023)
  • Act of sending fraudulent e-mail that appears to be from a legitimate source as an attempt to gain sensitive personal information from the victim Which is the cybercrime defined above?  Phishing. (Junior Project Assistant, 2023)
  • Which of the following is the hacking approach where cyber-criminals design fake websites or pages for tricking or gaining additional traffic? (Inspector, Legal Metrology, 2023)
    • (A)  Pharming                 (B) Website-duplication
    • (C)  Mimicking                 (D) Spamming


  • Unsolicited email sent in bulk is – Spam. (Junior Instructor (Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance), 2023)
  • Distribution of unsolicited e-mails in large numbers – Spamming. (Instructor In Secretarial Practice, 2017)
  • Which of the following is considered as the unrequested commercial email?  (Junior Instructor (Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance), 2023)
    • (A) Virus                            (B) Spam
    • (C) Malware                       (D) None 

E-mail Spoofing

  • What is E-mail Spoofing? E-mail that appears to have been originated from one source when it was actually sent from another source. (Sales Assistant Gr. II / Excise Circle Inspector (SR)/Excise Inspector (Trainee), 2016)
  • Pick odd one out     (Dairy Farm Instructor, 2020)
    • (A) e-mail spoofing                                           (B) Software piracy
    • (C) Theft of computer source code                    (D) Cyber squatting

2. Cyber Terrorism

  • __ is a form of warfare which is used by the cyber terrorists to harm or gain control of important computer systems – Cyberterrorism. (ICDS Supervisor, 2017)
  • Section 66F of IT Act 2008 deals with – Cyber Terrorism. (Administrative Officer, 2015)

3. Cyber Stalking (e-stalking / Cyber Bullying)

  • Any man who monitors the use of the internet by a woman commits the offence of stalking unless he proves that (Sub Inspector (Trainee), 2023)
    • i. It was to prevent or detect crime and he was entrusted by the State to do it.
    • ii. It was pursued under any law.
    • iii. In the particular circumstances his conduct was reasonable and justified.
      • (A) Only i is the correct option
      • (B) Only i and ii are the correct options
      • (C) Only ii and iii are the correct options
      • (D) i, ii and iii are the correct options

4. Intellectual Property Crimes 

  • The exclusive rights granted for an invention is called – Patent. (University Assistant, 2019)
  • What is the main objective of the Patents Act of 1970 in India? Granting exclusive rights to inventors. (Librarian Gr III, 2024)
  • Which amendment to the Patents Act of India introduced product patents for pharmaceuticals? Patents (Amendment) Act, 2005. (Librarian Gr III, 2024)
  • The ghosted text behind the content of a page known as – Watermark. (Programmer cum Operator2023)
  • What distinguishes a patent from a trademark in particular?  A trademark protects brand names and logos, while a patent protects inventions and innovations. (Junior Instructor (Multimedia Animation & Special Effects), 2023)
  • Hall Mark is
     – Certification Mark. (Junior Instructor (Software Testing Assistant), 2019)
  • Certification mark can be registered in
     – Trademark Registry. (Junior Instructor (Software Testing Assistant), 2019)
  • Copying the works of others and claiming as own work is known as – Plagiarism. (
    Non Vocational Teacher in Physics (Senior), 2022)
  • When two persons claim for the same domain name, it is known as? Cyber Squatting. (Junior Instructor (Computer Operator & Programming Assistant), 2023)
  • Section 65 of IT Act, 2000 deals with – Intellectual property crime. (Finance Manager, 2023)
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protect the use of information and ideas that are of – Commercial Value. (Junior Instructor (Software Testing Assistant), 2019)
  • In the context of intellectual property, what does TRIPS stand for? Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights. (Librarian Gr III, 2024)
  • What does GATT primarily deal with in the context of intellectual property? Trade-related aspects of intellectual property. (Librarian Gr III, 2024)
  • ________ give copyright owner right to protect their work in digital format – Digital millennium copyright Act. (Librarian Gr III, 2024)
  • Which international treaty focuses on the protection of literary and artistic works and sets minimum standards for copyright across member countries? Berne Convention. (Librarian Gr III, 2024)
  • In the context of copyright, what is the objective of the Universal Copyright Convention (UCC)? Promoting international copyright protection. (Librarian Gr III, 2024)
  • What is the primary objective of the WIPO Copyright Treaty? Adapting copyright principles to the digital environment. (Librarian Gr III, 2024)


Other Cyber Crimes

  • A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is an example for – Cyber Vandalism. (Deputy Finance Manager, 2023)
  • In cyber crime,  phreaking refers to – 
    • (A) Internet use   (B) Billing fraud    (C) Paralyzing the business by hacking the mail of computer    (D) None of these 
  • Which of the following is not included under cybercrime? (Executive Officer Grade IV, Malabar Devasom Board, 2018)
  • (A) Intellectual Property Crime (B) Pornography (C) Online Gambling (D) Online trading
  • Which of the following abuse DOES NOT come under cybercrime as per the Cyber Law of India?   (Dairy Farm Instructor, 2020)
    • (A) Copyright Infringement                            (B) Email Spamming
    • (C) Impersonate another person                      (D) None of the above
  • Which of the following is a cyber crime? (Accountant/Cashier/Jr. Audit Assistant, 2021))
    • (A) Hacking                          (B) Worm attack
    • (C) Virus attack                    (D) All of these
  • Which of the following is a type of cyber attack?  (Inspector, Legal Metrology, 2023)
    • (A) Phishing                                (B) SQL Injections
    • (C) Password Attack                    (D)  All of the above
  • Which of the following statement is/are correct?   (LD Typist, 2023)
    • (i) Viruses, Trojan horses and worms are all examples of malware.
    • (ii) Antivirus software's scans the files and detect the malicious software.
    • (iii) Quarantine is a special area for storing files probably infected with viruses.
    • (A) (ii) only                          (B) (i) and (ii) only
    • (C) (ii) and (iii) only             (D) All the above (i), (ii) and (iii)
  • Which of the following are cybercrimes?  (Cashier/Field Officer, 2023)
    (i) Cybergrooming    (ii) Ransomware    (iii) Data mining   (iv) Denial of services
      (A) (i), (ii) and (iv)                       (B) (i), (ii) and (iii)
      (C) (ii), (iii) and (iv)                     (D) All of the above 
  • Which of the following is a Cyber Crime? (Finger Print Searcher, 2023)
    • (A) Testing      (B) Ethical hacking    (C) Child grooming 
  • Cyber crimes against government includes: (Junior Instructor (Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance), 2023)
    •  (i)  Cyber Vandalism
    • (ii)  Cyber Warfare
    • (iii) Cyber Terrorism
    • (iv) Cyber Trafficking
    • (A) (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv)               (B) (i) only
    • (C) (i) and (ii)                               (D) (ii) and (iii) 
  • Match the following       (Dairy Farm Instructor, 2020)
    • (a)  Cyber Stalking                 (i)    harass an individual via Internet
    • (b)  Cyber defamation           (ii)    Slander conducted via digital media
    • (c)  Salami attack                  (iii)   Small attacks add up to one major attack
    • (d)  Phishing                         (iv)   attempt to obtain sensitive information
    • (A) a-i, b-ii, c-iii, d-iv                  (B) a-iv, b-ii, c-iii, d-i
    • (C) a-ii, b-i, c-iv, d-iii                   (D) a-iii, b-i, c-ii, d-iv

Cyber Security

  • International Cyber Security Day – November 30.  (Assistant Information Officer, 2017)
  • Computer Security triad includes – Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability. (Workshop Instructor / Demonstrator / Instructor Gr.II (CSE), 2023)
  • The international Cybersecurity Standard that delivers a model for creating, applying, functioning, monitoring, reviewing, preserving, and improving an Information Security Management System – ISO27001. (Dairy Farm Instructor, 2020)
  • Which is the national nodal Agency for cyber security incident response? CERT-In. (Deputy Collector, 2019)
  • Which of the following is a type of cyber security? (Junior Project Assistant, 2023)
    • (A) Network security                       (B) Application security
    • (C) Information security                  (D) All of the above
  • The international Cybersecurity Standard that delivers a model for creating, applying, functioning, monitoring, reviewing, preserving, and improving an Information Security Management System – ISO27001.  (Dairy Farm Instructor, 2020)
  • If you regularly backup your data, this is a ___ against the threat of data loss – Countermeasure. (ICDS Supervisor, 2017)
  • From the options below, which of them is not a threat to information security? (Inspector, Legal Metrology, 2023)
    •  (A) Disaster                                (B) Unchanged default password
    • (C) Information leakage              (D) Eavesdropping
  • __________ is the process of ensuring the data transactions communications or documents are genuine – Authenticity. (Junior Instructor Computer Operator and Programming Assistant, 2019)
  • Message authentication is a service beyond – Message Integrity.   (Dairy Farm Instructor, 2020)
  • ________ is a method of identifying security threat – Probing. (Junior Instructor Computer Operator and Programming Assistant, 2019)
  • WPA2 is used for security in – wi-fi.  (Dairy Farm Instructor, 2020)
  • The type of test used in computing to check whether or not the user is human – CAPTCHA. (Sales Assistant Gr. II / Excise Circle Inspector (SR)/Excise Inspector (Trainee), 2016)
  • __________ passwords are the next level of security – BIOS.  (Senior Inspector, Legal Metrology, 2023)
  • The process or mechanism used for converting ordinary plain text into garbled non-human readable text and vice-versa – Cryptography. (Inspector, Legal Metrology, 2023)

Firewall & Antivirus


  • Firewalls are used for – Cybersecurity. (Accountant, 2014)
  • What is a Firewall in Computer Network? A system designed to prevent unauthorized access. (Data Entry Operator (Scheduled Tribe Development) 2013; Computer Programmer, Technical Education(Engineering Colleges), 2015)
    • Hardware or software designed to guard against unauthorized access to a computer network is known as a (n) – Firewall.  (Data Entry Operator, Co-operative Banks /societies, 2019)
    • A firewall is used in a system connected to a wide area network to – prevent unauthorized access by hackers. (Junior Instructor Software Testing Assistant, Industrial Training,  2019)
    • A ________ is a network security system that uses rules to control incoming and outgoing network traffic – Firewall.  (Finger Print Searcher, 2023)
    • ___________ is a programme for hardware device that filters the information coming through and internet connection to a network or a computer system – Firewall.  (Welfare Organiser, 2022)
    • —————— is a limits network access between the two security domains, maintains and logs all connections – Firewalls. (Junior Instructor (Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance), 2023)
  • What is the key function of a firewall? Monitoring. (Junior Instructor Computer Operator and Programming Assistant, 2019)
  • Hackers gaining access to a computer through a network are prevented using – Firewall.  (Computer Operator, Information & Public Relations, 2016)
  • Which type of firewall includes a router to direct the flow of network traffic? Packet Filtering. (Junior Instructor Software Testing Assistant, Industrial Training,  2019)
  • A proxy firewall filters at – Application Layer. (Assistant Professor in Information Technology, 2023)
  • The type of firewall that examines packet data and keeps track of information about TCP connections – Stateful inspection. (Workshop Instructor / Demonstrator / Instructor Gr.II (CSE), 2023)
  • Pick the odd one from the following list      (Reporter Grade II (Malayalam), 2023)   
    • (A) Spam         (B) Trojan Horse        (C) Phishing         (D) Firewall       
  • Which of the following protocols and system are commonly used to provide various degrees of security services in computer network?  (Dairy Farm Instructor, 2020)
    • (i)    IP filtering
    • (ii)   Reverse Address Translation
    • (iii)  IP security Architecture (IPsec)
    • (iv)  Firewalls
    • (v)   Socks
    • (A) (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) only
    • (B) (i), (iii),  (iv) and (v) only
    • (C) (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v) only
    • (D) (i), (ii), (iii), (iv) and (v)
  • The __________ is a security app by Microsoft which is a built-in one into Windows OS that is designed to filter network data from your Windows system and block harmful communications or the programs which are initiating them – Windows Firewall. (Senior Inspector, Legal Metrology, 2023)


  • A program designed to detect and remove the malicious virus – Antivirus. (Data Entry Operator, Apex Co-operative Societies/state Co-operative Bank/ District Cooperative Bank, 2014)
  • The first anti-virus program was – Reaper. (Data Entry Operator, Apex Co-operative Societies/state Co-operative Bank/ District Cooperative Bank, 2014)
  • Antivirus software is a/an - Utility software. (Reporter Grade II (Malayalam), 2023)   
  • Norton, Kaspersky, AVG, and AVIRA are examples of which of the following? (Stenographer Grade-II/ Steno-Typist Grade-II/ Confidential Assistant Grade Ii, Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation/ Handicrafts Development Corporation, 2014)
    • (A) Computer Virus  (B) Antivirus software  (C) Free Software  (D) CD writing software
  • One of the following is Antivirus software. Find it out: (Data Entry Operator, SC/ST Development, 2013)
    • (A) Mozilla Firefox  (B) Acrobat Reader  (C) PC Wizard  (D) Quick Heal
  • Which of the following is not an Antivirus Software? (Computer Assistant Grade II, Universities,  2016)
    • (A) JAVA (B) KASPERSKY (C) McAfee (D) NORTON
  • Pick a non-antivirus software:  (Clerk/Clerk Cum Cashier, Kerala Devaswom Recruitment Board, 2019)
    • (A) AVG  (B) Avira  (C) Melissa  (D) McAfee
  • Which of the following is not an antivirus Software? (Junior Instructor (Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance), 2023)
    • (A) McAfee
    • (B) Intego
    • (C) Bitdefender
    • (D) None 
  • Which of the following statement is/are correct? (LD Typist, 2023)
    •  (i) Viruses, Trojan horses and worms are all examples of malware.
    • (ii) Antivirus software's scans the files and detect the malicious software.
    • (iii) Quarantine is a special area for storing files probably infected with viruses.
      • (A) (ii) only                             (B) (i) and (ii) only
      • (C) (ii) and (iii) only                (D) All the above (i), (ii) and (iii) 

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