Kerala PSC Previous Year Question Papers

Kerala PSC Previous Year Question Papers

The Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) holds a variety of examinations to recruit candidates for various positions in the state government. If you are preparing for KPSC examinations, it is critical that you grasp the exam pattern and the type of questions that will be asked. One of the most effective methods is to review Kerala PSC previous question papers.

By going through the previous year question papers, candidates can get an idea of the exam pattern, difficulty level of the questions, and types of questions that are asked in the exam. It can help candidates prepare better and improve their chances of scoring high in the exam.

KPSC exams usually comprise multiple choice questions (MCQs) and descriptive questions, depending on the nature of the exam. The syllabus for KPSC exams is vast, covering a range of subjects, including general knowledge, current affairs, English language, and subject-specific topics. 

Therefore, it is critical to have a clear understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus to prepare well for the exam.

Apart from the staying  up-to-date with the changing pattern of Kerala PSC exams and syllabus,to ceack the PSC Exam, it is also essential to have a proper strategy, to work hard, and be dedicated. However, simply putting in the effort is not enough. 

Candidates must allocate time for each section based on their strengths and weaknesses. Regular practice and revision of previous year question papers can help candidates build confidence and improve their speed and accuracy.

Kerala PSC Previous Question Papers & Exam Pattern

The tables below contain the previous year's question papers and answer keys from different exams conducted by the Kerala Public Service Commission.


The table below provides the question papers of the examination conducted by Kerala PSC in the year 2023. You can also download the question papers in the PDF format.

Name of the Exam
(Question Papers & Answer Keys)
Question Paper CodeDate of Exam
Tracer, Surveyor Grade II043/202324/05/2023
Junior Typist Clerk (SSLC Main Exam)042/202320/05/2023
Civil Excise Officer (Plus Two Level Main Exam)041/202319/05/2023
LD Clerk, Data Entry Operator (Plus Two Main Exam)040/202318/05/2023
Ayah/Attender/ Work Assistant (SSLC Main Exam)039/202317/05/2023
Junior Typist/LD Typist (SSLC Main Exam)038/202316/05/2023
Degree Prelims Stage II037/202313/05/2023
Village Field Assistant (SSLC Main Exam)036/202311/05/2023
Beat Forest Officer (Plus Two Main Exam)035/202309/05/2023
Junior Assistant (SSLC Main Exam)034/202306/05/2023
Police Constable (IRB)032/202303/05/2023
Degree Prelims Stage I031/202329/04/2023
Assistant Prison Officer030/202325/04/2023
Treatment Organizer Gr. II029/202319/04/2023
Junior Instructor (Arithmetic-cum-Drawing)028/202318/04/2023
Laboratory Assistant (Factory)027/202313/04/2023
State Tax Officer Answer Key025/202311/04/2023
Fisheries Officer Answer Key023/202304/04/2023
Junior Scientific Assistant022/202301/04/2023
Pump Operator Answer Key019/202302/03/2023
Station Officer (Trainee)  018/202301/03/2023
LD Typist Answer Key016/202322/02/2023
LGS (Prelims) Answer Key014/202311/02/2023
Binder Gr.II Answer Key012/202308/02/2023
Attender Answer Key010/202304/02/2023
LD Typist Answer Key004/202319/01/2023


The table below contains the question papers from the Kerala PSC examination in 2022. The question papers can also be downloaded in PDF format.

Name of the Exam
(Question Papers & Answer Keys)
Question Paper CodeDate of Exam
Assistant Engineer132/202228/12/2022
Assistant Director National Savings 130/2223/12/2022
Demonstrator 129/2222/12/2022
Special Branch Assistant (SBCID)128/2221/12/2022
Degree Level Prelims Third Stage127/2210/12/2022
Excise Inspector (Trainee)122/202229/11/2022
Data Entry Operator120/202225/11/2022
Sr. Superintendent/Assistant Treasury Officer118/22 23/112022
Sub Inspector  117/2222/11/2022
Degree Level Prelims Second Stage116/2219/11/2022
Lower Division Clerk (KWA)106/202202/11/2022
Field Supervisor Grade II 104/202231/10/2022
Beat Forest Officer (SR for ST Only) 086/2022 03/09/2022
Kerala Devaswom Board LDC106/202218/09/2022
Police Constable (Telecommunications) 089/202220/09/2022
Plus Two Prelims Second Stage088/202217/09/2022
Plus Two Prelims First Stage080/202206/08/2022
10th (Prelims) Sixth Stage077/202216/07/2022
10th (Prelims) Fifth Stage076/202202/07/2022
PTHSA (Malayalam)072/202221/06/2022
Tahsildar 070/202218/06/2022
10th (Prelims) Fourth Stage071/202219/06/2022
10th (Prelims) Third Stage068/202211/06/2022
10th (Prelims) Second Stage060/202228/05/2022
10th (Prelims) First Stage053/2215/05/2022
LP School Teacher (Malayalam) 045/202228/04/2022
Archaeological Chemist 044/202226/04/2022
UP School Teacher042/202223/04/2022
HSA Social Science (Malayalam)020/202227/03/2022
Computer Assistant
(Plus 2 Level Main Exam)
HSA Mathematics013/202225/03/2022
Civil Police Officer 017/202220/03/2022
Beat Forest Officer 021/202221/03/2022
Drawing Teacher016/202217/03/2022
HSA (Sanskrit)014/202215/03/2022
HSA Social Science (Tamil Medium)015/2022 15/03/2022
Fireman (Trainee)   
(Plus Two Level Main Exam)
Inspecting Assistant 
(Plus Two Level Main Exam)
Civil Excise Officer
(Plus Two Level Main Exam)
HSA Natural Science (Malayalam) 024/202222/02/2022
Office Superintendent (SR for SC/ST)
(Plus Two Level Main Exam)
Full Time Junior Language Teacher (Sanskrit) 005/2222/01/2022


The question papers from the Kerala PSC examination in 2021 are included in the table below. The question papers are also available in PDF format.

Name of the Exam
(Question Papers & Answer Keys)
Question Paper CodeDate of Exam
Clerk Typist141/202131/12/2021
Village Extension Officer 136/202127/12/2021
Supervisor (ICDS)135/202124/12/2021
Assistant Salesman128/202112/12/2021
Office Attendant, Laboratory Attender127/202111/12/2021
Assistant Compiler126/202108/12/2021
Medical Photographer125/2021 06/12/2021
Research Officer123/202130/11/2021
Sergeant Assistant Grade II110/2111/11/2021
LD Clerk (Tamil & Malayalam knowing)124/202128-11-2021
LGS Mains 122/2127/11/2021
LDC Mains117/2120/11/2021
Degree Level Prelim Second Stage075/2113/11/2021
Accountant/Cashier/Jr. Audit Assistant 108/202107/11/2021
LD Clerk (Kannada & Malayalam)105/202102/11/2021
Degree Level Prelim First Stage096/2130/10/2021
LD Clerk (Ex- Servicemen only)100/202107/10/2021
Kerala High Court Office Attendant 21010 (C)19/09/2021
10th Prelims Fifth Stage084/2021 (A) 03/07/2021
Plus Two Level Prelims Second Stage042/2021 (A)18/04/2021
Plus Two Level Prelims First Stage041/2021 (B)10/04/2021
10th Prelims Fourth Stage032/2021 (A)13/03/2021
10th Prelims Third Stage031/2021 (C)06/03/2021
10th Prelims Second Stage030/2021 (B)25/02/2021
10th Prelims First Stage 029/2021 (D)20/02/2021


The table below shows the question papers from the Kerala PSC examination in 2020.

Name of the Exam
(Question Papers & Answer Keys)
Question Paper CodeDate of Exam
Computer Assistant Grade II 004/202011/01/2020
ICDS Supervisor 002/202004/01/2020