First in Kerala – PART VI | Ancient History

First in Kerala - History

This blog lists the sixth-part series of the post 'First in Kerala.' First in Kerala is an important topic in the GK section of various PSC exams.

In this section, we are dealing with the firsts of Kerala in ancient history, and we also tried to include previous year PSC questions related to this topic.

First in Kerala - PART VI

Ancient History

  • First Christian Church in Kerala Kodungalloor (52 A.D).
  • First Christian Church in India built by the Europeans St. Francis Church (Kochi).
  • First Jewish Church in Kerala (as well as India) Paradesi Synagogue (1568, Mattancherry, Kochi).
  • First Mosque in Kerala Cheraman Juma Masjid (Kodungallur Taluk, Thrissur - 629 AD).
  • First Travancore King Marthanda Varma.
    • Last Travancore King Sree Chithira Thirunal Balarama Varma II.
  • First Diwan of Travancore Arumukan Pillai.
    • Last Diwan of Travancore P. G. N. Unnithan.
  • First English Diwan in Travancore Col. Monro (Rani Gauri Lakshmi Bai, 1710).
  • First British Resident in Travancore Col. Macaulay.
  • First Census of Travancore 1836.
    • First Census conducted in Travancore was under the aegis of Swathi Tirunal.
  • First Modern Census of Travancore - Cochin May 18, 1875 (Ayilyam Thirunal).
  • First Census of State of Kerala 1961.
  • First European Navigator to reach Kerala (India as well) Vasco de Gama (Kappad, 1498).
  • First Headquarters of the Portuguese in India Cochin.
  • First Governor and Viceroy of Portuguese India Francisco de Almeda.
  • The First Europeans to built a fort in India – Portuguese.
  • First European Fort in Kerala Fort Manuel (Kochi, Ernakulam; 1507).
    • Other Names Fort Emmanuel / Pallipuram Fort / Aya Fort / Vypin Fort.
    • Built by – Afonso de Albuquerque.
    • Named after – Manuel I (King of Portugal).
    • First Portuguese fort in Asia as well.
    • The oldest existing European structure in India.
  • First Englishman who visited Kerala Master Ralph Fitch.
  • First Organised Revolt against the English in Kerala Attingal Revolt (1721).
  • First Legislative Council in an Indian State Travancore Legislative Council (Sree Moolam Thirunal, 1888).
  • First Raja of Travancore who received the title ‘Maharaja’ from the British Crown Ayilyam Thirunal.
  • First President of Travancore State Congress – Pattom Thanu Pillai.
  • First Trade Union in Kerala Travancore Labour Association (1922).
  • First President of Indian National Congress – C. Sankaran Nair.
  • First Minister in Kerala to resign followed by no-confidence motion Dr. A.R. Menon (of Cochin State, 1942).
  • First Communist to be elected to a Legislative Assembly K. Ananthan Nambiyar (Madras Legislative Assembly, 1946).
  • First Elected Speaker in India L.M. Pylee (Cochin Legislative Assembly, 1947).
  • First Prime Minister of Independent Travancore State Pattom Thanu Pillai (24 March 1948 – 17 October 1948).
  • Second & Last Prime Minister of Travancore Paravoor T.K. Narayana Pillai (22 October 1948).
  • First Chief Minister of Travancore-Cochin Paravoor T.K. Narayana Pillai (1949).


  • Name of the Ship which Vasco da Gama used to reach India Sao Gabriel.
  • King of Portugal at the time of Vasco da Gama's maiden voyage to India Manuel I.
  • The church where Vasco da Gama's mortal remains were initally buried in India  St. Francis Church, Kochi.
    • On his third visit to India in 1524.

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