First in Kerala – PART V | Museums, Parks & Panchayats

First in Kerala – Museums, Parks & Panchayats
This post discusses the fifth part of the comprehensive list of First in Kerala. First in Kerala is an important topic for various PSC exams. 

The list includes First of Kerala in Museums & Parks and Panchayats, Taluks & Villages, and we also tried to include all the previous year PSC questions regarding these topics.

Museums & Parks

  • First Museum in KeralaThiruvananthapuram (1853, by Ayilyam Thirunal).
  • First Banking Museum in Kerala – Kowdiar (Thiruvananthapuram, by SBT).
  • First Cartoon Museum in Kerala – Kayamkulam.
  • First Crime Museum in Kerala – Thiruvananthapuram.
  • First Mangrove Museum in Kerala (India as well) – Koyilandy (Kozhikode).
  • First Police Museum in KeralaSardar Vallabhai Patel Police Museum (Kollam).
  • First Teak Museum in Kerala – Velianthode (Nilambur).
  • First Soil Museum in India – Parattukonam (Thiruvananthapuram).
  • First Spices Museum in Kerala – Kochi.
  • First Spices Park in Kerala – Puttady (Idukki).
  • First Malayalam Literature Museum in Kerala is situated at – Tirur.
  • First Labour Movement Museum in Kerala (India as well) – Kayamkulam (Alappuzha).
  • First Water Museum & Bio Park in Kerala (India as well)  – Kunnamangalam (Kozhikode).
  • First National Park in Kerala – Eravikulam. 
  • First Bioresource Nature Park in Kerala – Nilambur (2007).
  • First Lion Safari Park in Kerala – Neyyar. 
  • First Bird Park in Kerala – Thattekkadu (Malayattoor).
  • First Seafood ParkAroor (Alappuzha).
  • First Biological Park in India – Agasthyavanam.
  • First in India (as well as Asia) to have Butterfly Safari Park – Thenmala.
  • First Honeybee Flora Park in India – Kochalummood, Mavelikkara (Alappuzha).
  • First Women friendly Park is being set up at – Thiruvananthapuram (Sugatham).
  • First Wildlife Sanctuary – Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary (1937).
  • First Forest Reserve in Kerala – Konni.
  • First Forest produces that has received Geographical Indication (GI) tagNilambur teak (2018).

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Panchayats, Taluks & Villages

  • First Tribal Panchayat of Kerala – Edamalakudy.
    • First Aadivasi Panchayat in Kerala – Idamalakudy.
  • First Baby-friendly Panchayat in Kerala – Venganoor (Thiruvananthapuram).
  • First integrated old-age-friendly Panchayat in Kerala – Manickal (Thiruvananthapuram).
  • First Filament Bulb Free Panchayat in IndiaPilicode (Kasaragod).
  • First Fully Aadhaar Registered PanchayatAmbalavayal. 
  • First Panchayat in India to become 100% first-aid literate – Chelembra (Malappuram).
  • First Wi-Fi Panchayat in Kerala - Meppayur (Kozhikode).
  • First e-payment Panchayat in India – Manjeswaram (Kasaragod). 
  • First e-literacy Panchayat in Kerala – Sreekandapuram (Kannur).
  • India's First Digitalised Panchayat Ward –  Ward no. 15 of Aymanam grama panchayat (Kottayam).
  • First Panchayat in Kerala to offer free WiFi to all students within its borders – Meppayur (Kozhikode).
    • Project name – Sajjam 2021.
  • First Panchayat in Kerala to achieve Financial Literacy – Mankara (Palakkad).
  • First Panchayat in Kerala to achieve 100% literacy in Akshara Nagaram Programme – Karivellur (Kannur).
  • First & Only Chemical-free Vegetable-sufficient Panchayat in Kerala – Kanjikuzhi (Alappuzha).
  • First Panchayat in Kerala to start an Agriculture Dispensary – Kanjikuzhi (Alappuzha).
  • First Panchayat in India which was chosen as the best panchayat in the Green Reality Show – Elappully (Palakkad).
  • First Complete Honey Producing Grama Panchayat in Kerala – Udumbannoor (Idukki).
  • First Panchayat in Kerala, which made identity card mandatory for panchayat election – Mattannur (Kannur).
  • First Grama Panchayat in Kerala to start an Akshaya Center – Pallickal.
  • First Grama Panchayat which implemented Ayurdalam (ആയുർദളം) health scheme – Koothali  (Kozhikode).
  • First Complete Blood Donating Grama Panchayat in Kerala Madikai (Kasaragod).
  • First Panchayat in Kerala to declare a Water Policy – Perumanna Grama Panchayat (Kozhikode).
  • First Panchayat to start a drinking water project with public participation – Olavanna (Kozhikode).
  • First Panchayat in India to install a Water Card System to identify water quality – Kunnamangalam (Kozhikode).
  • First Panchayat to fully utilize Plan funds – Mulanthuruthy (Ernakulam).
  • First Grama Panchayat in Kerala to to implement the Labor Bank scheme – Akathethara (Palakkad).
  • First Panchayat to get Swaraj Trophy for the Best Panchayat – Vallikkunnu (Malappuram).
  • First Panchayat in Kerala to set up its own Sports Council – Nedumkandam (Idukki).
  • First Panchayat in Kerala to introduce Ayalkoottam project – Kalliasseri  (Kannur).
  • First Grama Panchayat in Kerala to introduce  ICDS scheme – Vengara (Malappuram).
  • First Fully Electrified Grama Panchayat – Kannadi (Palakkad, April 2007).
  • First Grama Panchayat in India to achieve 100% primary education – Nilambur.
  • First Grama Panchayat in Kerala to receive Nirmal Puraskar  Pilicode (Kasaragod).
  • First Grama Panchayat in Kerala that produces electricity their own  Mankulam (Idukki).
    • First Grama Panchayat in Kerala to provide electricity to all houses under its jurisdiction with private help.
    • First Grama Panchayat in Kerala to generates electricity with a plan to sell it to the power grid through Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB).
  • First Grama Panchayat in Kerala to become 100% health literate – Mullakkara (Thrissur).
  • First Grama Panchayat in Kerala to prepare a Biodiversity Register​ – Edavaka (Wayanad) .
  • First Fully Computerised Grama Panchayat in India – Vellanad (Thiruvananthapuram).
  • First Wifi-enabled Grama Panchayat in Kerala – Trikaripur (Kasaragod, 2014).
  • First Woman-friendly Grama Panchayat in Kerala – Mararikulam (Alappuzha).
  • First Litigation-free and Legal-literate Grama Panchayat in India – Cheriyanad (Alappuzha).
  • First Grama Panchayat in Kerala to provide free WiFi for the general public – Eraviperoor (Pathanamthitta).
  • First Complete Solar-powered Block Panchayat in KeralaMukhathala (Kollam).
  • First Organic Block Panchayat in Kerala – Alathur (Palakkad).
  • First Fallow (തരിശ് രഹിത) Block Panchayat in Kerala  Anthikkad (Thrissur).
  • First Child-friendly Block Panchayat in Kerala – Puzhakkal (Thrissur).
  • First Block Panchayat in Kerala to prepare digital geographical information report – Chirayinkeezhu (Thiruvananthapuram).
  • First Paperless Taluk Office in Kerala – Manarkkad Taluk Office. 
  • First Bio Village in Kerala – Udumbannur.
  • First Coir Village in KeralaVayalar.
  • First Craft Village in KeralaIringal (Kozhikode).
  • First Dowry Free Village in IndiaNilambur.
  • First Khadi Village in KeralaBalussery (Kozhikode).
  • First Organic Village Panchayat in KeralaUdumbannur.
  • First Green Village in KeralaThuruthikkara (Ernakulam).
  • First Model Fishing Village in KeralaKumbalangi.
  • First Smoke-free Village in KeralaPanamaram (Wayanad).
  • First Filament Bulb Free Village in KeralaThuruthikkara (Ernakulam).
  • First 100% Computer Literate Village in India – Chamravattom (Malappuram).
  • First Complete Eye donating village in KeralaCherukulathoor (Kozhikode). (Previous Year PSC Question – Junior Instructor Software Testing Assistant, Industrial Training, 2019)
    • (സമ്പൂർണ നേത്രദാന ഗ്രാമം) ചേരുകുലത്തൂർ (കോഴിക്കോട്).
  • First Complete Organ donating village in Kerala – Cherukulathoor (Kozhikode).
  • First Village in Kerala to achieve Legal Literacy – Ollukara (Thrissur).
  • First complete digital and cashless colony in India – Nedumkayam.
  • First Complete Organic Grama Panchayat in Kerala – Panathady (Kasaragod).
  • First Wifi-enabled Municipality in Kerala –  Malappuram (2015).

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  • First Mangrove Museum in the World – Sri Lanka.
  • Panchayat System Division – 
    1. Village Level – Gram Panchayat.
    2. Cluster of Villages – Block Panchayat.
    3. District Level – District Panchayat.

** Updated to include current info: 27/1/2021.

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