Kerala Renaissance Questions | Part III

Kerala Renaissance Questions - Part III

This is the third volume in the series of 30 important questions and answers regarding the Kerala Renaissance, some of which are culled from previous question papers and PSC bulletins.

We hope that this post will help you better prepare for all of the Kerala PSC exams including upcoming degree level and LGS exams.

  1. Who was the Renaissance leader that declared ‘Mind is God’?
  2.            ➤  Brahmananda Sivayogi

  3. Author of the book of 1896, the ‘Treatment of Thiyyas in Travancore'?
  4.            ➤  Dr. Palpu

  5. Dr. Palpu wrote under the pen name 'Thiruvithamkotte Theeyan' in which publication?
  6.            ➤  Madras Standard

  7. The first known widow remarriage of the Kerala Brahmin community occurred in?
  8.            ➤   September 13, 1934

  9. Who were the bride and groom in the first Namboothiri widow remarriage?
  10.            ➤   M. R. Bhattathiripad & Uma Antharjanam

  11. Who won the best award for ‘Piravi,' the national award-winning film of 1989?
  12.            ➤  Premji

  13. How is Premji associated with the Kerala Renaissance movement?
  14.            ➤  A social activist who had his debut in Adukkalayil Ninnu Arangathekku (1930)

  15. What was the original name of Premji?
  16.            ➤  M.P. Bhattathirippad

  17. What is the relationship between M. R. Bhattathiripad and M. P. Bhattathiripad?
  18.            ➤  Brothers

  19. Who was the playright of ‘Marakkudakkullile Maha Narakam' (1927)?
  20.            ➤  M. R. Bhattathiripad

  21. What was the slogan of Yogakshema Sabha?
  22.            ➤  To change the Nampoothiri into human

  23. Author of the book ‘Representative Indians' (1897)?
  24.            ➤  G. P. Pillai

  25. The newspaper 'Sujananandini' was started by?
  26.            ➤  Pravur Kesavan Asan (1892)

  27. Who was the 'political nephew' of Mannathu Padmanabhan?
  28.            ➤  R. Shankar

  29. Name the party formed by Mannathu Padmanabhan and R. Shankar?
  30.            ➤  Democratic Congress Party

  31. What was the name of the association formed by Padmanabhan and R. Shankar?
  32.            ➤  Hindu Mahamandalam

  33. Founder of Sanmarga Pradeepa Sabha of Kumbalam?
  34.            ➤  Pandit Karuppan

  35. What was the first poem written by Pandit Karuppan?
  36.            ➤  Sthothra Mandaram

  37. Writer of the article 'Let's set fire on temples'?
  38.            ➤  V. T. Bhattathiripad 

  39. Who was the first European disciple of Sree Narayana Guru?
  40.            ➤  Ernest Kirk

  41. Where was Mookkuthy samaram was conducted?
  42.            ➤  Panthalam

  43. The journal 'Atmavidya Kahalam' was written by ______ in 1929?
  44.            ➤    Vagbhatanandan

  45. What was the slogan of Atmavidya Sangam?
  46.            ➤  Unaruvin, Akhileshane Smarippin kshanamezunnelpin, aneethiyodu ethirpin

  47. Who wrote the book titled ‘Dr. Palpu?
  48.            ➤  T. K. Madhavan

  49. Who was the secretary of the Guruvayur Satyagraha Committee?
  50.            ➤  K. Kelappan

  51. Founder of Sharada Book Depot?
  52.            ➤  Kumaranasan

  53. Founder of ‘Brahma Pratyaksha Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangham’ (1912)?
  54.            ➤  Kavarikkulam Kandan Kumaran

  55. What was the aim of Brahma Pratyaksha Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangham’ (1912)?
  56.            ➤  The well-being of the Paraya community in Travancore

  57. In 1897, when G.P. Pillai visited England. Who accompanied him in his journey?
  58.            ➤  Dr. T. M. Nair

  59. Who was nominated as the delegate of antharjanams by the Cochin Legislative Assembly in conjunction with the Namboothiri bill??
  60.            ➤  Parvathi Nenminimangalam

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